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Txt Msg Away Message Lite

Txt Msg Away Message Lite

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Txt Msg Away Message Lite Txt Msg Away Message Lite Txt Msg Away Message Lite Txt Msg Away Message Lite

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Away Message for your phone!
When you enable your away message this app runs in the background and will automatically reply to any text you receive. No more text while driving worries! Also great for when you're working, sleeping, at the movies, etc. The app is optimized to use virtually no battery life.
Optional On/Off notification icon can be displayed in your notification bar
App does not reply to phone #'s it has already auto-replied to in the last 5 minutes
This is the free version of the app so there are some limitations. The main limitation is that the free/lite version is limited to using preset away messages. The messages cover the most common uses so it is still very capable!
Please don't hesitate to contact me with any positive/negative feedback. Google does not give me the ability to reply to comments left in the feedback. I am collecting completely anonymous Google Analytics data in order to improve the user experience.
NOTE TO GO SMS USERS: Go SMS's default behavior blocks other SMS apps. In order to use this app with Go SMS you need to do the following, "Open Go SMS, press MENU->SETTINGS->RECEIVE SETTINGS and then uncheck “Disable other message notification”". You can also uninstall Go SMS to solve the problem.
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请不要犹豫与我联系任何正/负反馈。谷歌并没有给我的回复能力留在反馈的意见。我完全匿名的Google Analytics(分析)数据收集,以提高用户体验。
注:TO GO短信用户:进入短信的默认行为,阻止其他SMS的应用程序。为了使用这个应用程序,你需要做下面的“打开GO短信,GO短信按菜单 - >设置 - >接收设置,然后取消选中”禁用其他消息通知“。您也可以卸载去的SMS解决的问题。

Txt Msg Away Message Lite 更新内容

Added ability to exclude contacts in your contact list from receiving auto replies on phones with Android 2.0+.
I am unable to respond to comments left. If anyone has any issues to report with the new feature or anything at all please contact me via email

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Android 2.0 以上
Google Play

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