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网络信息II Network Inf...

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网络信息II Network Inf... 网络信息II Network Inf... 网络信息II Network Inf... 网络信息II Network Inf... 网络信息II Network Inf... 网络信息II Network Inf...

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2.1+ version of "Network Info"
Donate version available, buy me a coffee :)
Shows info about the phone and the current network, Bluetooth, IPv6 and Cell connection.
It also shows your public/external IP & hostname.
Only goes on-line to get and resolve the public IP via my own server http://aschillings.co.uk/myscripts/getip.php and to remotely resolve it (see notes below). Initially the application was also using whatismyip.org but, as the server seems to be constantly down it was removed.
No ads.
>> Information shown <<
•Device IP and hostname, both private and public.
•Current mobile Cell and any neighbours, along with their signal strength, location info and type.
•Information about the current mobile provider (MCC+MNC, current connection, etc.)
•The Android device unique ID.
•Full information regarding the WiFi connection (MAC, current SSID and BSSID, link speed, IP/Netmask, Gateway, DNS and DHCP servers, etc.)
•Your current location according to Android based on your network neighbours. No GPS is needed or used.
•Information regarding Bluetooth status, the current Bluetooth connection(s) and info about past pairings.
•IPv6 device and router IP addresses for all device interfaces (see notes, this should now work for everyone).
>> Notes <<
•This is an expansion of the 'Network Info' application, to support more phones based on the 2.1 Android API.
•I only have a GSM/UMTS phone. If anything funny happens on any other phone type, email me and I will try to fix it.
•This application will connect to the network only to fetch your external IP/Hostname (using http://aschillings.co.uk/myscripts/getip.php and http://aschillings.co.uk/myscripts/gethostname.php). No other information is sent (my policy is located below).
•Please email me about any bugs or features you want. I cannot see all market comments and I am not notified when someone does comment.
•The IPv6 part should now work for everyone. If that is not the case for you, please email me (aschillings.dev@gmail.com) so I can try to fix it. If possible, download 'Under the hood' from the market and send me the results via export.
•If you want to show the Vendor which owns a MAC address, download 'MAC (OUI) Database' from the market (it is one of my applications) and use it to download a copy of the OUI database.
•In version v0.5.2 I added remote hostname resolution which is your public hostname as is resolved by my server. It should be the same as your external hostname, unless there is a record propagation delay or your DNS server is lying (like some home routers which resolve their external address as a local hostname). My server is hosted by 1and1 so this will be unreliable if you use the same DNS servers.
•'Ext. Hostname (L)' is the hostname your device resolves your external IP (local resolve).\n
•'Ext. Hostname (R)' is the hostname my server resolves your external IP (remote resolve).
•'Field Test' is a hidden application which comes installed in HTC phones. The menu item will only appear if the 'Field Test' is installed in your phone.
>> Known Issues <<
Samsung devices do not display Neighbouring Cells. This is a problem in Samsung's Android implementation and there is nothing I can do.
>> Privacy Statement <<
I do not collect any information which can directly and uniquely identify and/or bind a user to a device or any other personal information. When you retrieve your external IP address, my server will log a standard website “hit” which is the same as if you browsed a page on my server using a browser. No other information is logged or kept.
Please email me with any bugs/problems/feature requests. I cannot reply to market comments which can make debugging difficult.
2.1 +版本的“网络信息”
它也显示您的公钥/ IP和主机名。
•关于目前的移动运营商(MCC + MNC,当前的连接,等)
这是一个扩展的“网络信息”应用程序,基于2.1的Andr​​oid API支持更多的手机。
•我只有一个GSM / UMTS手机。如果有什么有趣的地方,在任何其他的手机类型,发邮件给我,我会尝试修复它。
此应用程序将连接到网络,只取你的外部IP /主机名(使用http://aschillings.co.uk/myscripts/getip.php和http://aschillings.co.uk/myscripts/gethostname.php的) 。没有其他的信息发送(我的政策是位于下方)。
•IPv6的部分现在应该适用于每个人。如果这不是你的情况下,请给我发电子邮件(aschillings.dev @ gmail.com),所以我可以尝试修复它。如果可能的话,请下载“引擎盖下”的市场,并给我的结果通过出口。
•在v0.5.2版本中,我添加的远程主机名解析,这是你的主机名是由我的服务器解决。您的外部主机名应该是相同的,除非有创纪录的传播延迟或你的DNS服务器是在撒谎(如一些家用路由器解决他们的外部地址为本地主机名)。 1and1我的服务器是托管的,所以这将是不可靠的,如果你使用相同的DNS服务器。
•“分机。主机名(L)“,是设备的主机名解析\ n您的外部IP(本地决心)。

网络信息II Network Inf... 更新内容

• v0.7.0
Changed Server end-points.
Added Interfaces Tab which will contain information about all interfaces.
The application will now hide tabs pertaining to capabilities a device does not have.
Users can now hide tabs they do not need via the Preferences.
Refactoring Gallore.
• v0.7.1
Fixed crash when updating DB.

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系统工具 电话通讯
Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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