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Under the Hood

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Under the Hood Under the Hood Under the Hood Under the Hood Under the Hood

Under the Hood 描述

This app will run shell commands to get info from the device

It's a personal debug tool, but it might be of use to someone else

Root not needed, but rooted devices should give more info

Not all commands work on all ROMs

No ads

Export to SD/app share

>> Commands <<
$cat /proc/devices
$cat /proc/meminfo
$cat /proc/mounts
$cat /proc/net/arp
$cat /proc/net/if_inet6
$cat /proc/net/ipv6_route
$cat /proc/net/route
$cat /proc/net/wireless
$cat /proc/version
$df -ah
$getprop dalvik.vm.execution-mode
$getprop dalvik.vm.heapsize
$getprop gsm.version.baseband
$getprop ro.build.fingerprint
$getprop ro.product.version
$getprop ro.sf.lcd_density
$ifconfig -a
$ip -f inet6 addr
$ip -f inet6 route show
$ip addr
$ip route show
$netstat -apnW
$netstat -rpnW
$route -A inet6 -n
$route -n
$uname -a

Github: https://github.com/alt236/Under-the-Hood---Android

Please email me with any bugs/problems/feature requests. I cannot reply to market comments which can make debugging difficult.

Under the Hood 更新内容



Threaded the execution, added choice dialogue.


Fixed "Other" tab, changed required Android version to 1.5 (it was 2.1), added a bit more information.


Changed required version to 1.6 as 1.5 broke large screens, changed icon, added more information.


Added parsing of /proc, rearranged tab contents.


Added more commands, added group separators.


Fixed export to SD card.


UI redesign and misc fixes.

Under the Hood 历史版本

Under the Hood 使用技巧

Under the Hood 信息

系统工具 优化
Android 1.6.0 以上
Alexandros Schillings

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