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WMP - Remote LITE

WMP - Remote LITE

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WMP - Remote LITE WMP - Remote LITE WMP - Remote LITE WMP - Remote LITE WMP - Remote LITE WMP - Remote LITE

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Be a potato and use your couch! STEP 1:Download WMP - Remote STEP 2:Download & install Server (HomeMedia) for Windows and start itDownload it from http://www.banamalon.net STEP 3:Enter the correct IP and Port under Menu >> Preferences >> Media Player Settings STEP 4:Be a potate and use your coach!If any problems occur just contact us directly! STEP 5:Comment/Rate this app! SUPPORT:- Install guide: http://www.banamalon.net/android/?page_id=1154- Forum: http://www.banamalon.net/android/bbpress/- Mail Swipe the top buttons away to acces mute, fullscreen and audio buttons. Features:- Control Volume & Seekbar- Album Art: displaying either the picture available via ID3 tags or folder.jpg/.jpeg file available in the file’s folder- Standard buttons: play, pause, stop, play random, previous, next, skip- Control audio layers, fullscreen- DVD control: Key commands are sent, WMP needs to have focus and in fullscreen!- Filemanger- Full HomeMedia control Features in PRO version:- No Ads- Synchronize with Windows Media Player playlist- Remove files from and add files to playlist- Empty playlist- Access the Playlist Library of Windows Media Player- Save and delete playlists- Start player remotely- Pause on incoming calls- Access HomeMedia databases for movies/TV series/music- Wake on LAN feature- *Start player automatically

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Android 4.0.2 以上

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