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Callbook 通话清单

Callbook 通话清单

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Callbook 通话清单 Callbook 通话清单 Callbook 通话清单 Callbook 通话清单

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Immediate comprehensive reports for your mobile history and lifestyle
Your calls and messaging history at a glance
How many hours do you spend on the phone daily, weekly, monthly or yearly? How many calls do you accept, make or miss? Who are your top callers, SMS contacts? CallBook collects information about your calls and messages and provides immediate comprehensive reports and statistics for your mobile history.
The software allows you to interrogate your call statistics, view facts of your mobile lifestyle (or your children's) and optimize your billing plan. The reports can also help you profile your incoming and outgoing calls by country and network.
Available Statistics
• A general summary of all data collected by the application;
• Annual and weekly reports - summarized annual or weekly reports about all your incoming and outgoing calls and messages;
• Detailed log for the last week - A detailed list of all calls and messages for the last seven days, with additional information about each event;
• Per-Contact reports - Reports about communication with a particular contact;
• Top contacts chart;
• Reports showing call and messaging activity sorted by particular prefix groups.
Prefixes and Call Profiling
CallBook collects information about your most frequently used prefixes in Prefix Group reports. The first few digits in a phone number, the prefix, may define country code, area code, or billing provider. The Prefix Group reports allow you to:
• View a geographical breakdown of your calls;
• Analyze and optimize your billing plan;
• Check which prefixes comprise the largest part of your phone usage

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