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乔一德林2 客户端

乔一德林2 客户端

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乔一德林2 客户端 乔一德林2 客户端 乔一德林2 客户端 乔一德林2 客户端 乔一德林2 客户端 乔一德林2 客户端

乔一德林2 客户端 描述

Access your LinkedIn on the go!
Droidin v. 4+ is the next generation of the first ever LinkedIn Android application. Droidin is fast, native Android client (not a web app) driven by the LinkedIn Open API.
Droidin does not and will never collect any personal information. All the settings that you accept are required by OS to integrate with LinkedIn servers and Phonebook. The messaging is fully controlled by the user, the application has no means of sending anything without user interaction and awareness.
FINE LOCATION setting: This is used in Job Search section to (optionally, triggered by user) obtain current location. This information is fed into query and is not saved or used for any other purpose
Moving to SD:
If you can't find a widget you probably have the app moved to SD. Unfortunately Android OS currently does not support widget for apps installed to SD, so if you want widget and notifications - move the app back to phone
* If you can't login due to the timestamp error please check your phone's time settings. Phone->Settings->Date & time. Uncheck "Automatic" option and verify that your time and timezone are correct
* If you get 403 error during login try to switch to wifi. Or if you on wifi switch to the regular network and try again.
IMPORTANT: Application is in very active development (BETA). Updates are frequent and you may want to reinstall after major new functionality is added to avoid possible compatibility problems between the updates. Problems? Scroll down for help and tips
* Groups
* LinkedIn Jobs
* Sync LinkedIn contacts with your phonebook
* Log in with LinkedIn button
* Inbox messages and invitations
* Accept/decline invitations
* Reply to messages
* Network updates
* Post status updates
* Use "Send by" from other apps to post update to LinkedIn
* Like or post comments on update
* Mute annoying updates
* Contacts (alphabetized and flat view)
* Profile
* Communications (send invites and contact mail)
* Save/recover drafts
* Keywords search
* Contacts search
As stated in the description Droidin is powered by LinkedIn Open API (http://goo.gl/diqN). This means that some important and highly desired features may not be available due to LinkedIn API current lack of support. Droidin is not affiliated with LinkedIn which solemnly decides what part of LinkedIn functionality can be exposed to 3rd party developers. Here is an incomplete list of features that are not (yet) available from LinkedIn:
1. Profile editing - not supported by API
2. No personal email syncing since LinkedIn does not provide it
We understand that the lack of functionality is crippling. Fortunately, LinkedIn API is in active development and if and when the missing features will become available we will be adding these to Droidin
* The app is in active development and it is heavily cached. If after update things stop working please try first to clear cache from Droidin->Settings->Clear cache.
If that does not help please logout then go to Phone->Settings->Applications->Manage applications. Locate Droidin. Clear cache, clear data and uninstall. Then install anew from the market
* If the app stops working and you get 404 error please check if LinkedIn site is up, Droidin is ultimately driven by their servers
* If app is seemingly stuck on your profile verify that you are using latest version (after 2.5.8). Clear profiles from the Settings if that doesn't help - reinstall
* Please do access menus, especially "Tips" to learn about app's capabilities
Droidin第4节+是有史以来第一个LinkedIn的Andr​​oid应用程序的下一代。 Droidin速度快,带动LinkedIn开放API的原生Android客户端(而不是Web应用程序)。
如果你不能找到一个小部件,你可能有应用程序移动到SD。不幸的是,Android操作系统目前不支持应用程序安装到SD部件,所以如果你想小部件,并通知 - 移动应用程序到手机
*如果您不能登录的时间戳错误,请检查您的手机的时间设置。手机 - >“设置” - >“日期和时间。取消选中“自动”选项,并确认您的时间和时区是正确的
* LinkedIn工作
诚如描述Droidin供电,通过LinkedIn开放API(http://goo.gl/diqN)的。这意味着,一些重要的和非常需要的功能可能无法使用,由于LinkedIn API目前缺乏支持。 Droidin不隶属于LinkedIn郑重决定哪一部分的LinkedIn功能可以接触到第三方开发者。这里所没有的功能(还)可以从LinkedIn是一个不完整的列表:
1。个人资料编辑 - 不支持的API
据我们了解,缺乏功能削弱。幸运的是,LinkedIn API是积极发展,如果缺少的功能将变得可用,我们将增加这些Droidin
*应用程序是在积极发展,这是严重的缓存。如果在更新的东西停止工作,请首先尝试清除缓存Droidin - >设置 - >清除缓存。
如果没有帮助,请注销,然后去手机 - >设置 - >应用程序 - >管理应用程序。找到Droidin。清除缓存,清除数据和卸载。然后从市场上重新安装
*如果应用程序似乎是停留在您的个人资料,请确认您使用的是最新版本(2.5.8)之后。清除配置文件的设置,如果不帮助 - 重新安装

乔一德林2 客户端 更新内容

v. 4.0.1
* Fixed soft keyboard would not pop-up problem with login on older OS version
v. 4.0.2
* Fixed LinkedIn login
* Fixed reported bugs
* Small UI improvements

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聊天社交 休闲时间
Android 2.0 以上
Google Play

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