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GPS Tracker by SMS - Free GPS Tracker by SMS - Free GPS Tracker by SMS - Free GPS Tracker by SMS - Free GPS Tracker by SMS - Free GPS Tracker by SMS - Free

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The application by SMS GPS Tracker was developed for mobile smartphone or tablet (supports GSM) with Android OS 1.6 or higher.
It allows you to find a tracker (which can be a vehicle, motorcycle or person) of the TK 102 or 103 models of the manufacturer XEXUN by sending SMS messages with just a few clicks, this requires that the mobile device smartphone or tablet and the tracker available credit for sending SMS. This application is also compatible with most trackers TK generics. It can also be adapted to any tracker to send SMS.
Allows you to send all SMS commands supported by trackers TK (authorization telephone, automatic tracking, tracker and monitor mode, password change, geo-fence, move alarm, overspeed control, checking status tracker, siren and engine control). In addition to allowing quick and easy setup of trakcer TK to operate in GPRS (GPRS settings, APN, APN user name and password). All SMS commands can be adjusted by yourself according to the manual of your device thus ensuring maximum compatibility of the software.
The GPS Tracker SMS is supported by the language Portuguese and English.
Allows easy and secure monitoring and tracking of vehicles, motorcycles, people, animals and other goods at a much reduced cost, the value of an SMS.
Supports unlimited number of devices, models and different configuration for each*.
The main screen shows the Google Maps key information about the position of the device and access the following functions: zoom and satellite views, tráfeto and street view.
With just one click in the placeholder are displayed GPS information (latitude, longitude, speed, date and time) of the tracker and more are displayed click a data address (street, neighborhood, zip code, state, country) that may be available.
* This version supports only one tracker.
To purchase the paid version visit our website: www.roberto.com or https://market.android.com/details?id=br.com.gpstrackerbysms
GPS追踪器通过短信的应用开发的移动智能手机或平板电脑采用Android OS 1.6或更高版本(支持GSM)。
它可以让你找到一个跟踪器(可有汽车,摩托车或个人)通过发送短信,只需点击几下的的TK 102或103机型的制造商XEXUN的,这需要移动设备的智能手机或平板电脑和跟踪可用信贷用于发送短信。此应用程序还兼容与大多数纤夫TK仿制药。它也可以适合于任何跟踪者发送SMS。
允许你发送纤夫TK(授权电话,自动跟踪,跟踪和监控模式,更改密码,电子围栏,移动报警,超速控制,检查状态跟踪器,警报器和发动机控制)支持所有SMS命令。此外,允许快速和容易设置trakcer TK工作在GPRS(GPRS设置,APN,APN用户名和密码)。所有短信命令可以自己调整,根据您的设​​备的使用说明书,从而保证最大的兼容性的软件。

GPS Tracker by SMS - Free 更新内容

Version 1.3: Italian language support (translated by Stefano Forgetti) and Hungarian (translated by András Porjés), beyond recovery login and password by email.
Version 1.2 you can set a sound choice for the alerts as well as a login and password to access the application.

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Android 1.6 以上 , 4.2.2 以下
Google Play

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