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Silence Scheduler Free

Silence Scheduler Free

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Silence Scheduler Free Silence Scheduler Free Silence Scheduler Free Silence Scheduler Free Silence Scheduler Free Silence Scheduler Free

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No Ads!! No information is accessed in your device (as many others apps do! - location, contacts.) Silence Scheduler allows you to schedule when your cell phone will enter and quit from silent/vibrate mode. It is suitable for situations when you do not want to be disturbed, for example, meetings, school, gym, library, etc. Important features of Silence Scheduler:================================== - SAVE BATTERY: this app does not run as a service in background. So, it is not necessary to maintain Silence Scheduler running (check running services by yourself). This feature SAVES the BATTERY of your cell phone. - INTERFACE EASY TO USE: the interface of this app is similar to the Android Alarm. So you can easily create and manage your schedules. - MOTOROLA SMART ACTIONS: this app is one functionality present in the Motorola Smart Actions (schedule the phone for silent and normal mode). The difference here, is that Silence Scheduler can be installed on ANY device that uses ANDROID system not only on Motorola devices. - TUTORIAL: this app has a brief tutorial in the help section. Instead of the other applications, you do not need to guess how to use Silence Scheduler. - MULTI-LANGUAGE: Silence Schedule is available for both English and Portuguese languages. Just change the language of your cell phone and Silence Scheduler language will be upgraded automatically. *** IMPORTANT ***This is a free version. You can create one schedule at a time. If you want to create many schedules you want, please, download the full version. Keywords: silent mode, vibrate mode, schedule profile, silence scheduler, vibrate scheduler, silence, shut up, vibrate, alert, mute, toneless.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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