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GSM Alarm Manager

GSM Alarm Manager

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GSM Alarm Manager GSM Alarm Manager

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This app works as a remote control for home burglar alarm systems that can be remote controlled by sending sms to their phone number.

So if you have an alarm system that uses textmessages (sms) for remoting, this app might be for you.

In the settings page you add your alarms phone number and the text messages that control the alarms functions.

For example: If I send the text “1234ARM” to my alarm system it will activate the alarm, and I get a text message back that says “Host is activated”.

1234 would in this example be my pin code for the alarm.

Different vendors may have different schemes for how the messages should be. Consider your user manual for the alarm system.

WARNING: If someone else gets hold of your phone they can disable your alarm, if you configure this app incorrectly it don’t work as intended. You should check your configuration by testing that the alarm really gets activated.

If you decide to use this app remember to change your alarm pin-code if you lose your phone or it gets stolen.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Martin Betz

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