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Text Clock Lite Live Wallpaper

Text Clock Lite Live Wallpaper

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Text Clock Lite Live Wallpaper Text Clock Lite Live Wallpaper Text Clock Lite Live Wallpaper Text Clock Lite Live Wallpaper

Text Clock Lite Live Wallpaper 描述

Keep track of the time in style with Text Clock Lite. This live wallpaper displays words to tell the time by lighting up characters. The clock updates in five minute increments. The Lite version comes with fewer settings than Text Clock Pro, but comes free of charge.
-Customize your colors. Select the colors of the lit and unlit text, and the background color.
-Customize the text. Define the size, position and spacing of the text.
-Battery friendly. Thanks to the minimalist style of Text Clock, this live wallpaper won't drain your battery.
Not all Android devices are compatible with live wallpapers, make sure yours is. You can do this by going to the wallpaper settings and seeing if Live Wallpaper is an option, or if you're on version 2.1 or higher.
Not all devices have been tested with this wallpaper. The only device I have physically tested is the Droid X, but I have emulated most other devices aside from tablets. If you have an issue with your device, feel free to email me and I'll work with you to support your device.
Need to report a bug? Want to suggest a feature? Have criticisms or feedback? Need a shoulder to cry on? Feel free to email me at textclock.android@gmail.com. I'm all ears for anything you've got to say.
Color selection menu provided by the wonderful Yukuku under the Apache License v2.0
Fonts found at www.fontsqurrel.com, under various licenses. All of the names are the same.
Much appreciation to Dean over on StackOverflow for his post on choosing images via the settings menu.
Credit to Wiggins for the SeekBar Preference.
Thanks to Reddit for the wonderful feedback.
- 特点 -
- 自定义的颜色。选择的点亮和熄灭的文本和背景颜色的颜色。
- 自定义的文本。定义的文字的大小,位置和间距。
- 兼容性 -
这个壁纸,并非所有的设备已经过测试。我的唯一的设备,物理测试是在Droid X,但我也效仿其他大多数设备除了片。如果你有一个问题与您的设备,请随时给我发电子邮件,我会与您合作,以支持您的设备。
- 联系我们 -
需要报告的bug?想提出一个功能吗?有批评或意见吗?需要一个肩膀上哭了吗?请随时给我发电子邮件在textclock.android @ gmail.com。什么,你得说,我所有的耳朵。
- 信贷 -

Text Clock Lite Live Wallpaper 更新内容

Version 1.2.2
- Fixed another German time issue
- Added a button in the settings menu to upgrade to Text Clock Pro

Text Clock Lite Live Wallpaper 历史版本

  • Text Clock Lite Live Wallpaper

    Text Clock Lite Live Wallpaper

    版本:1.2.2 高速下载

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休闲时间 美化手机
Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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