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Bugdroid Buddy

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Bugdroid Buddy 截图

Bugdroid Buddy Bugdroid Buddy Bugdroid Buddy Bugdroid Buddy Bugdroid Buddy Bugdroid Buddy

Bugdroid Buddy 描述

* Live wallpaper of the Bugdroid robot
- have a robot on your home screen at all times
- the robot follows your movements as you move icons around the screen
- he moves by himself when he gets bored, and after a while he eventually falls asleep until some new activity happens.
- to use it, go to the live wallpaper settings on your device (typically by long pressing on your home screen)
- customizable background color
* App of the Bugdroid robot, similar to the live wallpaper. Record and share animations.
* Since version 3.0.0: watch faces for wearable compatible devices.
   - 有你的主屏幕上的机器人在任何时候都
   - 机器人跟随你的动作,你在屏幕上移动图标
   - 用他自己的动作,当他厌倦,并在一段时间后,他终于睡着了,直到有新的活动发生。
   - 使用它,去到你的设备上的动态壁纸设置(通常是通过长按主屏幕上)
   - 自定义背景色

Bugdroid Buddy 更新内容

3.4.0: Added dial numbers to the analog watch face.
3.3.0: Added daydream feature. Fixed a bug with the sleep music.
3.2.0: Added setting for smart watches to show the digital time.
3.1.0: Added full-screen mode.
3.0.0/3.0.1: New Wear watch face
2.3.3: Minor UX improvements.
2.3.2: Added a background color setting.
2.2.0/2.2.2: Includes a standalone application in addition to the live wallpaper, with more features.
1.0.8: More rotation fixes.

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新闻阅读 搞笑
Android 1.5 以上
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