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Frozen Rainbow - Free

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Frozen Rainbow - Free Frozen Rainbow - Free Frozen Rainbow - Free Frozen Rainbow - Free

Frozen Rainbow - Free 描述

This wallpaper is created by blending original photographs together in a technique similar to multiple exposure. The main texture comes from freezing rain on pine needles, and an extreme macro image of a dandelion. The color patterns come from light reflected off of soap film - the same stuff you'd use to blow bubbles.
After installing, you need to turn on the wallpaper - from your home page, press Menu, then Wallpapers, then Live Wallpapers.
Not all devices support LiveWallpapers - if you aren't sure, make sure that you see the option for "Live Wallpapers" under your wallpaper menu.
If you like the artwork in this image, please support it by purchasing the paid version of this app, or purchasing prints of the the original artwork this wallpaper is based on at http://synergisticimages.ca
这种壁纸是由原始照片混合在一起,类似的技术,以多重曝光。的主纹理来自冻雨松针,一个极端的宏图像的蒲公英。肥皂膜的彩色图案来自光的反射 - 同样的东西,你会用吹泡泡。
安装完成后,你需要把墙纸上 - 从您的主页上,按菜单,然后壁纸,动态壁纸。
并非所有的的设备支持LiveWallpapers - 如果你不知道的话,请确保你的壁纸菜单下的“动态壁纸”,你看到的选项。

Frozen Rainbow - Free 更新内容

Made a number of improvements:
- added higher resolution images, and a preference to use the lower resolution images (trades off image quality for memory use)
- added a 'meander' mechanism - the image layers will not travel in completely straight lines
- added a slow zoom in and out of the image.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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