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Simple Bible - 한글 및 영어성경下载

Simple Bible - 한글 및 영어성경

Simple Bible - 한글 및 영어성경

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Simple Bible - 한글 및 영어성경 截图

Simple Bible - 한글 및 영어성경 Simple Bible - 한글 및 영어성경 Simple Bible - 한글 및 영어성경 Simple Bible - 한글 및 영어성경 Simple Bible - 한글 및 영어성경 Simple Bible - 한글 및 영어성경

Simple Bible - 한글 및 영어성경 描述

※ Contents
1. 한글 개역판 버전 (Korean Revision Version)
2. 영어 킹제임스 버전 (King James Version)
3. Extra Contents
- Extra Contents
1. Whole Bible Reading Plan for 50 Days and 365 Days
2. 60 Bible Key Verses, The Lord’s Prayer, The Apostles' Creed, and The Lausanne Covenant
3. Searching the Bible verses by words, Listening Bible audio, Everyday meditation, etc.
4. Bible Reading History (Save by Pressing menu in each chapter)
- Etc.
1. Offline Bible (Internet connection is not required to read.)
2. Very useful to study English with the best Book in the world
3. Supporting extra large screen (both portrait and landscape mode)
4. No suspicious access permissions
- The app. can interact with audio files in "audio4bible" folder in external storage.
The audio file name format needs to be "[Book]-[Chapter].mp3", eg. /mnt/sdcard/audio4bible/2Chronicles-36.mp3
ps 1. You can distribute this application freely in any situation for His favor. ;)
ps 2. There are many different language versions of Bible from the project and Kids Bible Story applications. We hope this can help to the faith of our children.
+ You have been taught the holy Scriptures from childhood, and they have given you the wisdom to receive the salvation that comes by trusting in Christ Jesus. [2 Timothy 3:15]
※ The Bible-smith Project: "The Gospel for Everyone"
This project develops any kind of Bible related Apps/Info. for more effective and efficient evangelism.
Please walk together with this project by prayer, and you can send us the Bible text (VPL: Verse Per Line Format) in any language where needs the gospel. We will develop a Bible android app. of that language. (Every process and product are free of charge. ;)
+ We are conscious that all things are working together for good to those who have love for God in His purpose. [Romans 8:28]
+ My life is to complete the task the Lord has given me to testify to the Gospel of the grace of God, so that I may finish my race with joy. [Acts 20:24]
+ He who overcomes, and keeps my works to the end, to him I will give rule over the nations. [Revelation 2:26]
1. gaeyeokpan朝鲜文版(韩国修订版)
- 额外的内容
2. 60圣经钥节,主祷文,使徒信经,和洛桑公约
- 等等。
- 应用程序。可以在在外部存储“audio4bible”文件夹中的音频文件进行交互。
音频文件名格式必须是“[图书] - [章节] MP3”,例如。 /mnt/sdcard/audio4bible/2Chronicles-36.mp3
PS 1.你可以在他的恩惠任何情况下自由地发布这个应用程序。 ;)
PS 2.从项目和儿童圣经故事圣经应用多种不同的语言版本。我们希望这可以帮助我们的孩子的信心。
+你已经被教导从小圣经,他们已经给你的智慧来接收附带在基督耶稣信任救赎。 [提摩太后书3:15]
请与该项目由合掌走路,您可以给我们的圣经经文:在需要福音任何语言(VPL诗每行格式)。我们将开发一个圣经Android应用程序。那语言。 (每一个过程和产品都是免费的;.)
+我们认识到,所有的东西都在一起好那些谁在他的目的有对上帝的爱工作。 [罗马书8:28]
+我的生活就是完成主给我作证,以神的恩典的福音,使我完成我的比赛了喜悦的任务。 [徒20点24]
+他谁克服了,并保持我的作品到最后,给他我会给统治的国家。 [启示录2点26分]

Simple Bible - 한글 및 영어성경 更新内容

※ New Feature: SeeAlso Menu, 각 장의 성경읽기 페이지에서 화면을 길게 터치해보세요.
※ Please write a brief testimony about His words in review. This will be appreciated and may please God that we share and encourage each other. God bless!

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