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Dice Roller 3D FREE

Dice Roller 3D FREE

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Dice Roller 3D FREE 截图

Dice Roller 3D FREE Dice Roller 3D FREE Dice Roller 3D FREE Dice Roller 3D FREE

Dice Roller 3D FREE 描述

LevelApp Developing team brings you their first Android App: Dice Roller 3D FREE
Dice Roller 3D FREE is a 3D dice simulator application with optimized beautiful graphics.
Current version includes:
- Advanced 3D graphics.
- Up to 8 dice with score result.
- Full control of the dice. Roll them both shaking phone and using touch functionality.
- Roll individual dice with a simple gesture.
- OpenGL ES 1.x and 2.0 compatible, so Dice Roller 3D FREE will work on most most smartphones and tablets.
- Tested on: Nexus7, Galaxy family (Ace, Y, S, SII, SIII, Note...), HTC family (Wildfire S, Desire S, Desire HD...) and more...
- Android 2.2 or newer.
- SD Card.
- 30 Mb Free RAM. (During Install)
This version is supported by advertisement. You can get the PRO version which is ads free for 0,99$.
If you have any problems or suggestions we will try to give you personal attention, so send us an e-mail to levelApp.lab@gmail.com
LevelApp Dev. Team.

Dice Roller 3D FREE 更新内容

Version 1.5.3- Improved graphics !- Explore new apps with a single tap !!Version 1.5.2:- Improved advertising engine to reduce data transfer.Version 1.5.1:- Unlimited dice rolls- Restrictions and waiting time deleted (due to changes in Ads strategies)- App suports Android 4.0.+, 4.1.+ and 4.2- Improved graphics !- Works great on tablets (tested in Google Nexus 7)

Dice Roller 3D FREE 历史版本

Dice Roller 3D FREE 使用技巧

Dice Roller 3D FREE 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上

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