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CCH Mobile provides direct access to the IntelliConnect content you use the most when you are on the go. You can easily search your IntelliConnect Favorite publications with one tap. The tiled, widget approach coupled with the incredibly intuitive navigation technology makes it amazingly easy to get answers any place at any time. With all the power of IntelliConnect, you can search any component of your research subscription, read customized tax news and alerts, email and save documents to any research folder you have on InteliiConnect for easy access between IntelliConnect and CCH Mobile. You’ll also have mobile access to all of the Smart Charts and rate tables in your subscription for quick answers and citation templates so you can get to the full text of the primary source documents you need quickly.
CCH Mobile is available for US IntelliConnect subscribers only.
CCH Mobile提供了直接访问您最常使用的,当你在旅途中的IntelliConnect内容。您可以轻松地用一个水龙头搜索你IntelliConnect喜爱的出版物。再加上令人难以置信的直觉导航技术的瓷砖,窗口小部件的方法使得它惊人的容易得到的答案在任何时间任何地点。随着IntelliConnect所有的力量,你可以搜索你的研究认购的任何组件,定制阅读新闻税和警报,电子邮件和文档保存到您有任何研究文件夹InteliiConnect的IntelliConnect和CCH手机之间轻松访问。您也将有移动访问所有的智能图表和速度表在你的订阅快速解答和引用的模板,这样你可以得到你需要迅速的主要来源文件的全文。
CCH Mobile是仅适用于美国IntelliConnect用户。

CCH Mobile TM 更新内容

- New "Did You Mean" feature auto-corrects search misspellings and suggests alternate terms.
- Allows you to choose your original search term instead of the auto-correction.
- Feature is app-specific, so you can bypass your device's auto-correct settings.
- Feature can be switched off in Mobile Settings.
- Relate results lists now show hit counts.
- Various bug fixes and enhancements.

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Android 2.3.3 以上
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