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BebeTel - Babyphone - free

BebeTel - Babyphone - free

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BebeTel - Babyphone - free BebeTel - Babyphone - free BebeTel - Babyphone - free BebeTel - Babyphone - free

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BebeTel - A babyphone always with you !
Attention : In this evaluation version, detection won't restart automatically after the call !
This application is a babyphone like who informs you by a phone call to an other phone when your baby starts to cry (or made another noise).
(Use the test mode to make adjustments)
Call number- (phone number that will call your mobile when noise is detected).
Threshold - Corresponds to the red bar on the main screen. It \'s the level at which the sound will be recorded.
Sensitivity - Microphone Sensitivity (depends on phone model).
Duration before warning - Adjusts the number of times the trigger before the detector is call.
Security code SMS - You can control your machine by an SMS from the mobile target with the message that code tracking, then the desired function:
To call: code + appel (eg 5555 appel).
To stop detection: code + stop (eg 5555 stop).
To start detection: code + start (eg 5555 start).
Lullaby - Play a lullaby when a noise is detected. You can also enable or disable this feature by clicking the music note.
How to start :
-Place your phone near your child, be sure to use a charger or make sure your battery is charged.
Press start button or start via the menu. The phone automatically switches to silent, so that if any message or phone call does not come to disturb your baby. When the phone alarm is activated and the phone dials another phone, you can either answer the call or reject it. If you answer the call, the Android phone is automatically in speakerphone mode, so that your child is able to hear you. When you finish your call, monitoring won't be automatically restarted in this free version.
This is not a substitution of the role of parents. For best results of our application please take that into account:
1. If you use Task killers devices \, please disable them. They can stop the process of monitoring and alarm monitor baby.
2. Please check if you have a good GSM / CDMA. We use a phone call to alert you when the baby gets noisy.
3. Please do not forget to check the battery in your phone or put your phone to load
4. Test all parameters before using this application for monitoring your baby.
This application is for you providing assistance in monitoring your baby, it does not replace the vigilance of an adult.

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办公商务 休闲 消除 音乐 益智 捕鱼 解谜
Android 1.6.0 以上

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