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WebSMS: ASPSMS Connector

WebSMS: ASPSMS Connector

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WebSMS: ASPSMS Connector WebSMS: ASPSMS Connector

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Send SMS through the ASPSMS.com service. Please install WebSMS to use this connector.ASPSMS.com offers competitive rates and volume discounts for many countries and for many carriers.VERY IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have defined your international prefix number in the preferences of WebSMS. The ASPSMS connector needs this to properly format the phone numbers. If not set at all, WebSMS will assume it is +49 (Germany); from within the connector, I can't detect it has not been set.Features:- Normal SMS or Flash SMS- multiple recipients (up to 1000)*- Send later (differed sending)- Display of remaining credits- Originator can be your mobile phone number- Originator can also be any text up to 11 characters.* The connector can do up to 1000 recipients, but currently WebSMS is not well suited for mass SMSing. I may try to contribute to WebSMS to make this better. Please let me know if you are interested.WARNING: when sending an SMS with this connector to an invalid phone number, the service provider (ASPSMS.com) will consume the required credits whether the sms is delivered or not. This is the way the ASPSMS service works and they have no intention to modify it, nor can I do something about this in the connector. ASPSMS.com consider you - the user - are responsible to provide valid phone numbers.

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Android 1.5.0 以上

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