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Andropal 截图

Andropal Andropal

Andropal 描述

Andropal is a remote controller for the Freecom internet radio : Musicpal. This application replaces the previous market application with the same name.

**This application is not a music player. You have to own a Musicpal to be able to use this application.**

**This application is not supported by Freecom**

Q : I was on 3G and I started Andropal. Now, I’m on my Musicpal's WIFI network but the favorite list is still empty.
A : Use the menu to load the favorite list. If the Musicpal is correctly configured and Andropal can contact it, a menu item is added to force retrieve the list.

Q : I set a sleep timer, how can I trigger the start ?
A : A new button is displayed on the screen. Click on it. The Musicpal screen fades out . (Only if you setup the sleep brightness to low, configure directly on your Musicpal)

Q : I set a sleep timer, how long until the Musicpal stops ?
A : Upgrade your Musicpal to last firmware (1.67). Andropal can then display the remaining time.

Q : I want to stop the sleep timer, how can I do that ?
A : You can't for now.

Q : The station name is not always displayed and it is replaced by “Listening...”
A : Andropal was unable to match the current music stream url to one of your favorite.

Q : Can I set a wake up timer ?
A : No you can’t. At least not in this version of Andropal. Do you miss this feature ? Buy the PRO version. No, I’m kidding, just ask me if you want. I don’t use this function for now, that’s why I didn’t implement it.

Q : The Musicpal is not responding or is frozen.
A : Try to soft restart it from Andropal's menu. A new item is added in the menu if Andropal detects a Musicpal possible freeze. If it doesn't work, try to restart the Musicpal manually (pull power cable off).

You can contact me any time. If you have a request or an issue, just write me an email. A second version of Andropal is planned with a bunch of enhancements but not really new features, so if you want something special, ask me.

Logo designed by ThaPHLASH, thanks to him.

Andropal 更新内容


Release 1.2

- Landscape view

Features :

- Switch ON / OFF

- Volume increase/decrease

- Pick up a favorite to play

- Sleep timer

- 1 or 2 Musicpal supported

Compatibility :

Android support : >= 1.6

Musicpal firmware supported >= 1.59d. Firware 1.67 is recommended.

Andropal 历史版本

Andropal 使用技巧

Andropal 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上



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