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SwissJass Free SwissJass Free SwissJass Free SwissJass Free SwissJass Free

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SwissJass is the most popular Jass app for Android with over 200'000 downloads. SwissJass is the only Jass app with full multiplayer functionality. Play the Swiss national card game on your smartphone or tablet whenever and wherever you want. Play Schieber, Coiffeur, Differenzler against the computer or via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or online with other players. No additional in-app purchases or subscriptions. All functions are always available and unlimited. SwissJass offers the following functions: - SCHIEBER - Single, Double, Undenufe/Obenabe, Slalom - Any trump factor - With/Without declarations - Target points can be freely set - COIFFEUR - DIFFERENZLER - Target points can be freely set - Swiss French/Swiss German cards - Learning Mode -Trump counter - Display of the master cards in the trick - Display of the master cards in your own hand - Go back to former tricks - Game tips - Display of the strongest card in the trick - Display of the winning card in the trick - Display of playable cards - Display of the trick points - General game settings - Auto continue - Game speed - Choose how to play the cards (drag-and-drop or touch) - Animated cards on/off - Google Play Games - Achievements -Leaderboards (Coiffeur and Differenzler) - Play online with other users - Game state save - Languages German, English and French - Password-protected online rooms (Pro version). - Bluetooth / WIFI-Multiplayer (Pro version). - Ad-free (Pro version). The official Swiss rules of Jass are applied. SwissJass是Android上最流行的应用程序JASS超过200,000下载。 SwissJass是唯一的JASS应用程序具有完全的多人功能。 打瑞士国家名片比赛对你的智能手机或平板电脑无论何时何地你想要的。 玩希伯,COIFFEUR,Differenzler对着电脑,或通过蓝牙,Wi-Fi或在线与其他玩家。 无需额外的应用程序内购买或订阅。所有的功能都可以和无限。 SwissJass提供以下功能: - SCHIEBER - 单人,双人,Undenufe / Obenabe,激流回旋 - 任何王牌因素 - 有/无声明 - 目标点可以自由地设定 - COIFFEUR - DIFFERENZLER - 目标点可以自由地设定 - 瑞士法国/瑞士德语卡 - 学习模式 -Trump计数器 - 显示的主卡的伎俩 - 显示的主卡在自己手中 - 回到以前的技巧 - 游戏技巧 - 显示卡最强的绝招 - 显示中奖卡的伎俩 - 显示卡播放 - 显示的伎俩点 - 一般的游戏设置 - 自动继续 - 游戏速度 - 选择怎么玩卡(拖和拖放或触摸) - 动画的卡/关 - 谷歌玩游戏 - 成就 -Leaderboards(COIFFEUR和Differenzler) - 与其他用户在线播放 - 游戏状态保存 - 语言德语,英语和法语 - 密码保护的网络室(专业版)。 - 蓝牙/ WIFI-多人(专业版)。 - 无广告(专业版)。 应用JASS的瑞士官方规则。

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Android 4.0.2 以上

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