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BillBot Time and Billing

BillBot Time and Billing

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BillBot Time and Billing BillBot Time and Billing BillBot Time and Billing BillBot Time and Billing

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BillBot is a time tracking, billing and invoicing application for contractors, trades people, computer service techs and mobile professionals that bill for their time. Based on session duration, hourly rate, the kind of task your performed, any parts / materials you used and travel information, BillBot automatically calculates the appropriate charge of each session for you. If you subscribe to BillBot Pro, you can create professional looking invoices from your phone and email them to your clients at the end of each job. --------------------------Important: Please note that whilst BillBot is free to use, the free version only gives you access to "BillBot Pro" features such as invoicing and inventory for 45 days, after which time you must subscribe to BillBot Pro to continue using those features.-------------------------- Key Features: * BillBot is highly configurable and supports dollar, pound, euro, frank and rand currencies.* BillBot supports goods and service taxes such as GST and VAT.* BillBot allows you to bill different hourly rates for different kinds of work, and even apply fixed-rate billing.* BillBot supports billing for projects, where each project requires multiple work sessions.* Create beautiful PDF invoices and record payments.* BillBot now supports inventory and charging for parts used during your work sessions.* Backup your data across the Internet, and continue using BillBot Safari or Chrome web browsers on your desktop (or netbook) PC.* Export your visit data in CSV format.

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Android 2.0.0 以上

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