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DS CarSpy DS CarSpy DS CarSpy DS CarSpy

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DS CarSpy application allows users real-time positioning and monitoring of vehicles. This is done by displaying on a map vehicle data with current position, speed, status and a numer of other parameters. Moreover, devices with GPS functionality (e.g. iPhone) may monitor its own position in relation to other vehicles.
This application is compatible with devices with Android OS 2.1 or newer.
In order to get full functionality of this application You need to activate DS Locate service operated by Data System Group (www.datasystem.pl). Login and password will be submitted once registration process is completed. To do so, please send an e-mail to kontakt@datasystem.pl or call on +48 801 88 77 88 (open 24/7).
Available functionalities – summary:
- Vehicle positioning and monitoring on a world map;
- Positioning and monitoring of all available vehicles on one map;
- Possibility to position both chosen vehicle and Your own location on one map;
- Access to detailed information on every vehicle within user account: fuel level, speed value, engine RPM, power level and many other parameters depending on user rights for that account.
DS CarSpy应用程序允许用户实时定位监控车辆。这是通过显示在与当前位置,速度,状态和其它参数的一个NUMER的地图的车辆数据进行。此外,由于GPS功能(例如iPhone)设备可以监视相对于其他车辆自身的位置。
此应用程序是用了Android OS 2.1或更高版本的设备兼容。
为了得到这个应用程序的全部功能,您需要激活DS找到由数据系统集团(www.datasystem.pl)运营服务。一旦注册程序完成登录名和密码将被提交。要做到这一点,请发送电子邮件至kontakt@datasystem.pl或致电​​+48 801 88 77 88(开24/7)。
可用的功能 - 概要:
- 车辆定位和在世界地图上的监控;
- 定位和监控在一个地图上所有可用的车辆;
- 可以在一张地图两个选择车辆和您自己的位置定位;
- 访问到内的用户帐户的所有车辆的详细信息:燃油液位,速度值,发动机转速,功率电平,并根据用户权限的帐户的许多其他参数。

DS CarSpy 更新内容

This update introduces new view dedicated to presentation of live device parameters. You can track ie. speed, temperatures in truck. You can select data you want to see. For each device you can choose dedicated set of parameters you want to track.

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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