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oneID Free - PC Remote Control

oneID Free - PC Remote Control

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oneID Free - PC Remote Control oneID Free - PC Remote Control oneID Free - PC Remote Control oneID Free - PC Remote Control oneID Free - PC Remote Control oneID Free - PC Remote Control

oneID Free - PC Remote Control 描述

A full-featured remote control app allows you to remotely control your PCs and laptops from your Android device via your Wi-Fi network. It’s also a great tool for parental control!**Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy 10.1v Tested**
NEW: Nexus 7 Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) supported!!
Have you ever:
-- Been too lazy to get out of bed to turn off you PC or change a song/movie?
-- Realised that you forgot to shut down your PC when you were one foot out of the door?
-- Wanted to know what the kids were doing with their PCs but didn’t want to knock on their doors?
oneID can solve all these problems for you. Here are some of the things you can do with oneID from your Android devices:
- Launch and control any applications/services on your PC (NEW)
- Remote data entry with a virtual keyboard
- Easy navigation with an Arrows Keypad
- Navigate your PC from anywhere with a remote touch pad
- Monitor your PC’s usage stats instantly
- Lock/unlock your PC
- Log in/out of your PC
- Shutdown/restart your PC
- Take a snapshot of your desktop
- Send instant messages to your PC
- Play any media file on your PC
- File transfer between PC and mobile device
- Tell us what you want to see in the new release!
oneID does not capture or collect any private or usage information.
To get started with oneID:
1. Download oneID mobile client from Android Market and install on your Android mobile device
2. Download oneID PC client from www.oneid.com.au and install on your PC
3. Launch oneID on your mobile device and follow the instructions
4. Access your PCs with your mobile device, from anywhere within your Wi-Fi network
Try the free version now (for 1 PC) and decide if you would like to purchase the premium version (for up to10 PCs).
Want to have an App of your own? No problem. As an Android Mobile App developer, we can develop and customise an App specifically for your business, visit us at www.idsphere.com.au.
Keywords: remote, control, mobile PC, desktops, home office, mobile, computer, smartphone, login, log out, authentication
Please rate this App if you like it. If you have any comments or questions, please email us at team@idsphere.com.au.
* By downloading this app, you agree to “oneID End User License Agreement”. http://www.idsphere.com.au/oneid/mobile_eula.html.
一个全功能的遥控器应用程序允许你从远程通过你的Wi-Fi网络的Andr​​oid设备来控制你的PC和笔记本电脑。这也是家长控制一个伟大的工具!**摩托罗拉的Xoom和三星Galaxy 10.1V **测试
新:的Nexus 7果冻豆(安卓4.1)的支持!
- 已经懒得下床关掉你的PC或更改歌曲/电影?
- 已实现,你忘了关闭你的电脑,当你一只脚出了门?
- 想知道孩子在做与他们的个人电脑,但不想敲他们的门?
- 启动和控制所有应用程序/ PC上的服务,(新)
- 远程数据输入与虚拟键盘
- 轻松导航与键盘箭头
- 从任何地方浏览你的电脑与远程触摸板
- 监控电脑的使用状态瞬间
- 锁定/解锁你的电脑
- 登录/注销你的电脑
- 关闭/重新启动你的电脑
- 把你的桌面快照
- 发送即时消息到您的PC
- 玩你的电脑上的任何媒体文件
- PC和移动设备之间的文件传输
- 请告诉我们你想看到在新版本中有什么!
1.下载oneID移动客户端从Android Market并安装你的Andr​​oid移动设备上
2.下载oneID PC客户端从www.oneid.com.au并安装在PC上
现在(1 PC)尝试免费版本,并决定,如果你想购买高级版本(最多到10个)。
*通过下载这个程序,你同意“oneID最终用户许可协议”。 http://www.idsphere.com.au/oneid/mobile_eula.html。

oneID Free - PC Remote Control 更新内容

Enhancement: Improve security of the identity generating algorithm
Enhancement: Improve TouchPad mouse click and long click detection
Support Android 4.1 Jelly Bean system
Bug fixes and improvements.

oneID Free - PC Remote Control 历史版本

  • oneID Free - PC Remote Control

    oneID Free - PC Remote Control

    版本:4.1.15 高速下载

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其它 休闲时间
Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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