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PhoneTrack Mileage Logger

PhoneTrack Mileage Logger

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PhoneTrack Mileage Logger PhoneTrack Mileage Logger PhoneTrack Mileage Logger PhoneTrack Mileage Logger PhoneTrack Mileage Logger

PhoneTrack Mileage Logger 描述

PhoneTrack is the ultimate solution to the task of recording journeys for both personal and business expenses. Used with our secure website www.journeylog.co.uk, you can say goodbye to tedious manual trip recording. This ingenious, proven app gives you accurate and secure mapping, tax and expenses reports which – at a stroke - take all the time and effort out of your end-of-year tax returns, company expense claims and invoices – and helps your family budgeting, as well.
Key features and benefits of PhoneTrack:
- Automatic movement detection
- Runs in the background
- Business or private use tagging
- Personalised tags and notes
- Mileage and hourly site rates
- Daily summary of time travelling and time stopped
- Powerful organiser for reviewing travel record
- Live meters to display distance charge, elapsed time, odometer etc. You choose!
- Uses Google address look-up service or frequently visited places
- Notification of GPS availability by speech to minimise driver distraction
- Context sensitive help
- Coexists with your favourite navigation app
- Simple registration with our website
Exclusive to PhoneTrack customers who register with www.journeylog.co.uk:
- Upload recorded journeys via your mobile network or WiFi
- Once uploaded, immediately access a range of comprehensive reports
- Save time and money producing business and personal expenses and tax returns
- Print tailored reports
- Download CSV into your company’s standard expense report
- With high fuel costs, identify where you can save money
- Secure online storage of your historical journeys
An optional professional upgrade is available to enhance PhoneTrack with premium features for manual entry/edit and website synchronisation of tag and place changes. This is available to all subscribers of the www.journeylog.co.uk online service. For those preferring standalone use, the upgrade may also be purchased for a modest cost from the Android Market.
About JourneyLog:
We have extensive experience of developing traditional vehicle tracking solutions and are now taking advantage of the GPS receiver present in smartphones. We firmly believe that PhoneTrack in conjunction with its website www.journeylog.co.uk bring you the most comprehensive and professional journey tracking package on the Android market. We are committed to delivering a high value, low cost service to our customers.
Contact us:
http://www.journeylog.co.uk or mail@journeylog.co.uk
We’re here to help. We have an excellent support record and respond to all questions.
PhoneTrack记录行程为个人和企业开支的任务是最终的解决方案。我们的安全网站www.journeylog.co.uk的使用,你可以告别繁琐的手动跳闸记录。这种巧妙的,经过验证的应用程序,让您准确,安全的映射,税收和开支报告 - 中风 - 把所有的时间和精力,最终年的纳税申报表,公司报销发票 - 帮助您的家庭预算,以及。
- 自动运动检测
- 在后台运行
- 商务或私人使用标记
- 个性化的标签和注释
- 行驶里程和每小时网站
- 每日总结的时间,往返及时间停止
- 强大的组织者检讨旅行记录
- 活米显示话费,已用时间,里程表等您选择!
- 使用谷歌地址查询服务,或经常访问的地方
- GPS的可用性通过语音通知,尽量减少驾驶员分心
- 上下文敏感的帮助
- 与您最喜爱的导航应用程序共存
- 简单注册我们的网站
- 通过移动网络或WiFi上传记录旅途
- 一旦上传,立即访问了一系列的综合报告
- 节省时间和金钱生产企业和个人开支和税收回报
- 打印量身定制的报告
- 下载CSV到贵公司的标准费用报告
- 随着燃料成本高企,找出可以省钱
- 安全在线存储历史旅程
一个可选的专业升级加强PhoneTrack与高级功能,手工录入/编辑和网站同步的标签和地点的变化。这是提供给所有用户的www.journeylog.co.uk在线服务。升级可能会对于那些宁愿单独使用,也可以从Android Market购买适度的成本。

PhoneTrack Mileage Logger 更新内容

Minor changes so that Tasker can be used to control recording and uploading.
This means that recording can be started and stopped automatically when, say, the phone is placed in or removed from a car cradle or charger; similarly for uploading.
For details, please select FAQ from the PhoneTrack menu.

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PhoneTrack Mileage Logger 信息

效率办公 系统工具
Android 1.6 以上
Google Play

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