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Perfume Story _HD Lite

Perfume Story _HD Lite

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Perfume Story _HD Lite Perfume Story _HD Lite Perfume Story _HD Lite Perfume Story _HD Lite Perfume Story _HD Lite Perfume Story _HD Lite

Perfume Story _HD Lite 描述

Create your own fashionable fragrant kingdom

The power— in persistent pursuit of belief—is happiness!

This is a fairy tale like game. Long, long, ago, there was a beautiful girl, playing around in fragrance. She helped her grandpa, a perfumer, to create perfume. Unfortunately, an accident deprived her sense of smell. However, God endowed her with perfume elfin. From, then on, she created mysterious blessed perfume in the fragrant world…

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1.Witness—reveal mysterious and fantastic perfume formula

32 authentic perfume formulae for your choice. Experience pleasure in perfume making process. 3 types of perfume: fruit, flower and spice, each with an elaborate game. The higher the difficulty level, the higher the perfume quality. Superior quality perfume sells well. Come on and try your own excellent perfume!

2. Surprise—create your own fashionable fragrant kingdom

Sell your unique self-made perfume in your own shop. Your shop can be decorated with fancy floor and wall paper. More customers will be attracted by your visual design, which will also give you different surprises.

3. Care—Take care of sweet and cute perfume elfin

Lovely elfins will endlessly help you make perfume. But take care to control the temperature so as not to suffocate the elfins. Elfins would be productive and helpful in favorable environment. Work all the way from a small stall on the roadside to the best known perfume shop in the palace, and make your own perfume story!

4. Transform—Sense of smell changes the world

Each perfume has its own features, classified into pure, dynamic, ardent types. The different types of perfume will change people’s behaviors in town, and even transform the whole world!

5. Trap—Ugly and hypocritical truth hidden behind

When you are well known in the kingdom, the nobles will visit you. Among them, there will be conspirators, disguised as amiable men, who will take advantage of your gift. What are their secret motives under the disguise?

Compatible with 480*800, 480*854, 640*960, 600*1024 resolution, full-screen display.

[Compatible with phone sets]

Android OS Version 1.6 and above

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Android 2.0.1 以上
Alioth Corp.

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