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Auto expenditures Lite Auto expenditures Lite Auto expenditures Lite Auto expenditures Lite Auto expenditures Lite Auto expenditures Lite

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The financial program for drivers
Reports, comments and suggestions send to koemarket@gmail.com
The description of the conceived possibilities (+ already is available, * it is developed, - is planned)
1. + Completely localized the program and adjustments
2. + Fuelling (it is added to leaking тр. To means)
Current run тр is entered. Means on the counter
The fuel price is entered
To be entered either volume of fuel or the paid total (automatic recomputation of other field, it is possible to edit then and this field, will be enumerated previous)
3. + Autoreplenished basis of any text entered fields
At input of titles there is a list, it is possible to select or enter new (or can be still to add the button where there will be all list, and that you remember that, similar entered something earlier, and an exact title don't remember, for example, in what language entered a firm title, or used a slangy title), it will be possible to make the report on it, and that, for example, if is "тех.осмотр", "maintenance inspection", "checkup", "survey technical" as that with reports will be hardly
4. + The registration of expenditures on leaking тр. Means
5. + The registration of expenditures on parking, a parking
Here I tend to a binding to a specific vehicle, but I do not eliminate a situation when at someone is a little тр. Means, and he simply pays periodically any total only for place rent, and there today two machines stood, and tomorrow three machines and one trailer
6. * The repair registration (it is added to leaking тр. To means)
+ To be entered the repair title, cost (likely as it is necessary and where)
+ Link spare parts
7. * Reports
Different useful reports
8. * History of expenditures
+ When and for what paid (on all or is selective).
+ Possibility to delete or edit (suddenly have erraticly entered)
+ Possibility to view for the period or all (long pressed on change time range)
- Passage to the beginning and the end in a range
10. + The start information screen
+ the Title leaking тр. Means
+ Statistics of expenditures on leaking тр. To means or all (a choice in adjustments) and on you (switch-off in adjustments)
+ Fuel & Cost consumption
+ Maintence
+ statistics Type (a choice in adjustments): Combined (leaking месяц+текущий квартал+текущий year), on months, on quarters, on years
+ Graphic buttons for rapid access to above described functions (the dial-up of buttons and their layout still up to the end isn't stated).
11. * System
+ Backup, Restore, Delete, Export, Import to memory card and to DropBox (Dir AutoMoneyLite) (for DropBox login and password is not stored in the system) (encoding in preferences)
12. Maintence
+ Adding a task for maintenance.
+ Perform maintenance.
+ Displaying the maintenance on the Home screen.
+ History, Edit, Delete.
的设想可能性的描述(+已经是可用的,*这是开发, - 计划)
1 +完全本土化的计划和调整
2. +燃料加油(它被添加到漏水тр为了装置)
3 + Autoreplenished任何输入的文本字段的基础
在标题输入有一个列表,可以选择或输入新的(或可仍添加按钮哪里会有所有的列表,并且你还记得,类似的东西进入较早,和一个确切的标题不要“记得了,例如,在什么语言输入了牢固的标题,或用于一个slangy标题),将有可能使在其上的报告,并且,例如,如果是“тех.осмотр”,“维护检查” ,“检查”,“调查技术”作为与报告会很难
对泄漏тр支出4 +注册。手段
6. *修复注册(它被添加到漏水тр要手段)
支出的8 *历史
- 通道的开始和结束的范围内
10 +启动信息屏
11. *系统

Auto expenditures Lite 更新内容

ver. 1.12.1
+ Add control input
+ Add Saving last Fuel (enable in settings)
* Changing the screen for a tablet and landscape mode (except combined type)

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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