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Smoke Free: Lite

Smoke Free: Lite

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Smoke Free: Lite Smoke Free: Lite

Smoke Free: Lite 描述

Are you trying to quit smoking? try the lite version of Smoke Free.

Let’s face it. Smoking is bad for everyone. Bad for the smoker and all those around them that are exposed to second hand smoke. Although no app can break your nicotine addiction for you, this app can be a tool in your arsenal.

Smoke Free was inspired by a Shipmate in the Navy. She told me that she attempted to stop smoking unsuccessfully 7 times and that ridding yourself of a nicotine addiction was considered harder than ridding yourself of a heroin addiction. Smoke free combines several techniques to help you stay the course and free yourself from addiction.

Try the free version. If you like it, please consider the full version to unlock all the features.

Features by version.
- Lite - Full - Feature
- Yes - Yes - Body recovery Simulation
- Yes - Yes - 11 biological metrics
- No - Yes - 21 biological metrics
- Yes - Yes - Metric progress bars
- No - Yes - Progress Bar goal markers
- No - Yes - Estimation of the amount of time you save.
- No - Yes - Estimation of the amount of time you have lost
- No - Yes - Track money spent and saved.
- No - Yes - Financial goal.
- No - Yes - Graphical financial goal indicator.

Available in: English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Smoke Free: Lite 更新内容


Added new help files to the body screen. Just touch the body image and a description of the color coded metrics will pop up.

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Smoke Free: Lite 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上

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