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Philippines ADW Theme

Philippines ADW Theme

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Philippines ADW Theme 截图

Philippines ADW Theme Philippines ADW Theme Philippines ADW Theme

Philippines ADW Theme 描述

True Filipino Theme

Visit http://www.ItsAllAboutAndroid.blogspot.com for updates and more themes!

or Add me on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/avillardoarts

*PLEASE Download ADW Launcher or ADW Launcher EX first from the market*

This is NOT a standalone theme. You must first download the ADW Launcher from the market before you can enable my theme

This Theme Includes 33 Icons and more will be added as requested.

Please e-mail me if you have any custom Icon requests or if you want additional wallpapers

Also Please email me any problems that you might come across with my theme.

A true Philippines theme by a true Filipino :) Enjoy!


How To Use:

1. Download this theme.

2. Search ADW.Launcher or Anderweb on the market and download ADW launcher

3. After Install press the "Home" button on your Android phone and choose "ADW Launcher"

4. Press "Menu" on your phone and click "ADW settings"

5. Go to "Theme Preferences" and choose "Philippines Theme"

6. Enjoy!

Note: There are multiple icons included with this Theme. To change the icon on your desktop long press an icon until a window appears. Then press Edit, then press the icon > adw icons > Philippines Theme > and then choose your desired icon.

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Philippines ADW Theme 更新内容


-Open Folder Skin

-Added New Icons

Philippines ADW Theme 历史版本

Philippines ADW Theme 使用技巧

Philippines ADW Theme 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上

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