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Soccer Betting Game Livescores下载

Soccer Betting Game Livescores

Soccer Betting Game Livescores

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Soccer Betting Game Livescores 截图

Soccer Betting Game Livescores Soccer Betting Game Livescores Soccer Betting Game Livescores Soccer Betting Game Livescores Soccer Betting Game Livescores Soccer Betting Game Livescores

Soccer Betting Game Livescores 描述

Free Football Betting Game with Virtual Currency, Live scores & Fans' Community
Bet on real soccer matches with boints (virtual currency) and compete with others for cash prizes. Totally free with unique gameplay, engaging challenges and real-time live score with sound notifications.
Join the community of soccer fans and support your team in a TEAM GAME (coming soon).
Features & benefits you’ll love:
Fast, easy and user-friendly soccer betting
Save your time, easy spot the odds you are looking for.
Virtual currency betting
Safe and risk-free betting, no money or credit cards required but still keeping all the thrill of it.
Cash prizes
Make money by playing the game or simply doing what you like.
Real soccer matches from 50+ major world football leagues including also Champions League, Euro League, World Cups, Euro Cups
Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, you name it, game has it.
GUEST play with no registration required
Get right into the game, feel the action as a guest user. If you like it, you can register at any time.
Live Scores with live Match stats and League tables
Friendly user interface, which makes bet tracking much easier – stay alerted with sound notifications, wherever you are (provided you have an internet connection), whenever you need to. Check livescore from yesterday and/or see matches to be played the next day.
Register and get your free betcafe account and engage into bet challenges with other soccer fans
Arrange bets with your friends or others and get your bragging rights (+ free boints) in case you beat them.
Automatic sync with your WEB account
Don’t lose any of your bets, keep all the action in order whether you bet from your mobile or the website.
Bet History
Always know where you stand and how did you perform through time.
Check where you stack against the others in the game, see if your performance is good enough to lead the board.
News Feed
Constant news & updates directly from betcafe facebook page.
Game Guide
Always available for you in case you are missing something.
Stay informed instantly by following our app dedicated Twitter account at:
In case you want to experience the web version of the game, please go to:
You can join our facebook fan page and express yourself here:
Please send any of your feedback to our dedicated email address for customer support:
Sign-up & Play!

Soccer Betting Game Livescores 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:* Livescore Sound Notification fix
* ICS support added
The current app version is 1.1.4
We are working on a number of lovely features, which are going to be available for free in v2.0

Soccer Betting Game Livescores 历史版本

  • Soccer Betting Game Livescores

    Soccer Betting Game Livescores

    版本:1.1.4 高速下载

Soccer Betting Game Livescores 使用技巧

Soccer Betting Game Livescores 应用内最新内容

Soccer Betting Game Livescores 信息

Android 2.1.x 以上

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