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Drag Racing Elite Tunes Lite下载

Drag Racing Elite Tunes Lite

Drag Racing Elite Tunes Lite

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Drag Racing Elite Tunes Lite 截图

Drag Racing Elite Tunes Lite Drag Racing Elite Tunes Lite Drag Racing Elite Tunes Lite Drag Racing Elite Tunes Lite

Drag Racing Elite Tunes Lite 描述

By popular demand Drag Racing Elite Tunes is thrilled to be able to offer a lite version for our popular App.

The Lite version includes:

- Alternative Tunes
There are currently twenty (20) tunes for racing competitively on all levels and distances, including cars such as the:

Porsche 9ff GT-9
Maserti MC12 Corsa
Ford RS200
Ferrari 599 GTO
Doger Viper SRT-10
Lancer Evo X GSR FQ-400
And many more!

-Boss Guide
A comprehensive guide on how beat all 20 bosses. This includes all boss times for every level and distance, and our suggested car and upgrades to beat that boss. Also included is the total respect and total money you will have to cough up to beat the boss. We have tried to find the cheapest way to beat each boss, taking into account, total cost, total respect, choice of car and more importantly the correct upgrades, which will allow you to continue to upgrade the car to race Pro-League.

Includes key concepts on strategies, suggestions on how to play the game. Articles we be added on a frequent basis.

Answering the most important questions that you all ask, such as how to launch in 2nd gear?

Like what you see?


Recieve some of the top tunes for being the best at Pro-League (All tunes maintaned within 0.01 of record times)

The ability to Request a Tune! (custom made to suite your needs)

Recieve 24 hour support through forums, facebook and email!


Drag Racing Elite Tunes Lite 更新内容


Bug Fix update, for those few that have had errors. Cut application size in half!


Drag Racing Elite Tunes Lite 历史版本

Drag Racing Elite Tunes Lite 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上

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