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InvisiBright Free

InvisiBright Free

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InvisiBright Free InvisiBright Free InvisiBright Free InvisiBright Free

InvisiBright Free 描述

The fastest brightness tool.
**If you like this app, please consider trying the Pro version :) **
InvisiBright is an invisible brightness adjustment utility. Adjust from inside any application by either swiping across the screen or tilting your device. Keeping brightness in check like this is the best way to SAVE BATTERY!
Features include:
- Search key hold shortcut (Pro Only)
- Status bar shortcuts
- Translucent Slide Pad (Pro Only)
- Home screen shortcuts (Pro Only)
- Tilt and Touch Modes
- Highly customizable preferences
- No background services! (Battery suckers)
- A quick auto-brightness toggle (Pro Only)
See a quick tutorial/demo by searching "InvisiBright" on YouTube or by visiting the Developer Page below.
PLEASE read this description and email me if you have any problems (instead of commenting). Nearly everybody with issues is simply using it wrong.
NOTE: Starting InvisiBright from your launcher will always take you to the preference menu! To use the Tilt or Touch Mode overlay, you must open it from the status bar.
Successfully tested on: Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, Droid Incredible, Captivate, Fascinate, EVO 4G, Galaxy S, Desire, Desire HD, Xperia, MyTouch 3G, MyTouch 4G, Nook Color, Optimus One, and the Thunderbolt.
Please post your device name after any comment.
tags: brightness, control, adjust, tilt, invisible, transparent, overlay, battery, save, quick, shortcut, accelerometer, best, fastest, easiest.

InvisiBright Free 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:Removed Ads!

Fixed notification layout.

Added support for reverse landscape in touch and tilt mode.

Cleaned up preferences.

Misc optimizations/bugfixes.

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系统工具 WiFi 浏览器 输入法
Android 2.2.x 以上

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