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Love getting the best offers? Hate missing great coupons? Wish you could find the cheapest price? Addicted to daily deals’ sites and apps?
Deal Wizard brings you the best daily deals and coupons. Finds sales and offers at the highest discounts, detect price drops and get the cheapest prices for the products and bargains you desire.
☆ Get them all in one place! Deal Wizard aggregates the hottest and best deals, bargains and offers from the leading vendors, shops and stores. Thousands of online stores with millions of products on sale.
☆ Get only what’s relevant for you! Deal Wizard shows you filtered results from vendors and stores which are willing to ship their products to your country. We check the relevancy on a daily basis and inform you when an offer expires.
☆ Share the great bargains and coupons with your friends! When you find an offer that you like, you can send it via email or share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and any other social app installed on your device.
☆ Discover products’ price drops from online and local sales every day and for any occasion.
Daily gifts from a large variety of options for the ones you love. Buy a gift for you woman or surprise your man. With Deal Wizard you’ll find beauty products and personal care gifts, along with electronics and toys on great discounts (the cheapest and lowest prices).
☆ Deals sorted by categories! Deal Wizard makes it easier to find great bargains by sorting the deals by different categories and type of products:
✓ Appliances,
✓ Baby & Kids,
✓ Beauty, Health & Personal Care,
✓ Fashion, Clothing & Accessories,
✓ Computer, Laptop, tablet & smartphones
✓ Electronics
✓ Home, Garden & Household goods,
✓ Kitchen, Dining & Cooking,
✓ Office,
✓ Toys & many more...
每日礼物为你爱的人从大量的选项。买礼物送给你的女人,,或惊喜你的男人。 ,随着新政向导,你会发现,随着电子产品和玩具上很大的折扣(最便宜的,最低价格)的美容产品及个人护理礼品。

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✓ New and improved user interface
✓ More deals, more categories
✓ Better performance
✓ Minor bug fixes
We really appreciate your feedback, so please feel free to contact us through the app or via email at support@pricerhythm.com with your feedback and comments.

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