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Sketcher 3D LITE

Sketcher 3D LITE

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Sketcher 3D LITE Sketcher 3D LITE Sketcher 3D LITE Sketcher 3D LITE Sketcher 3D LITE Sketcher 3D LITE

Sketcher 3D LITE 描述

Sketcher3D is a 3D modeling, design, and fun physics sandbox. Create and manipulate 3D objects, plan out a space, or just build things and knock them down!
This is the LITE version: saving scenes is disabled, OBJ export is disabled, first person fly-through camera is disabled, and scenes are limited to a maximum of 10 objects. Purchase the PRO version to enable these features.
This LITE version includes:
- create objects to design buildings or spaces
- move and naturally rotate and scale objects using your device accelerometer
- OBJ import and manipulation (*** copy OBJ files and materials to /sdcard/Android/com.Doktor3D.Sketcher3D/files ***
- change object colors, including transparency
- clone and group objects
- load scenes (a fancy medieval castle example scene is included!)
- audio and vibration feedback that makes the physics come alive
- two sample OBJ models included: a BMW and an office building
- ... all with real-time physics
Sketcher 3D is something between 3D modelling applications like Google SketchUp, Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, AutoCAD, or Blender, and physics games such as Apparatus or Garry's Mod (GMod).
Extra excellent on tablets!
Minimum processor speed of 600MHz is recommended, and a screen resolution of 800x480 or higher is recommended.
Features to come:
- more object manipulators
- more colors
- more physics fun
This app will evolve and features will be added as you guys ask for them. If you want anything implemented, please just ask and I will see what I can do.
Tags: 3D modelling, 3D modeling, CAD, design, designer, SketchUp, visualization, physics, sandbox, playground, construction, destruction, OBJ, importer, exporter, accelerometer, autocad, autodesk, ws.

Sketcher 3D LITE 更新内容

★ Improvements to first-person gyro camera. Move the device to view your designs! ★

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Android 2.0.1 以上

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