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Find me (easy to use GPS)

Find me (easy to use GPS)

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Find me (easy to use GPS) Find me (easy to use GPS) Find me (easy to use GPS)

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One button easy use location finder, easily see your location and postal address

Shows your current location on a satellite map, zooms in to street level to see exactly where you are (or zooms out to see the surrounding area) and even tries to find the postal address for your current location.

Very easy to use this app has just one button. Click the button to perform a search, click the button for longer to exit the application.

This app has been thoroughly tested but in the unlikely event that you do encounter an error please feel free to email so that it can be corrected.

As with any gps application the better your gps signal the more accurate your location will be when displayed on the map.

This app uses your devices internet connection to retrieve the map data and on slow connections such as GPRS may take up to thirty seconds to display the map.

Should the server used to locate the postal address experience any issues or be unreachable for any reason you will see your current locations gps co-ordinates shown underneath the map instead of the postal address.


* One button control

* Reverse geocoding (translates your current gps position into a postal address)

* Show your location on a satellite image

In response to a negative comment, it definitely does work so before leaving inaccurate reviews please check the device you used it on has gps, as long as you have internet access, Android version 1.6 or higher and gps on your device it should work.

Leaving a comment that it doesn't work is pointless unless you say what part of it didn't work for example.

With over 4000 installs and one error report it clearly does work so please if you leave a negative comment give information as to your problem with it as only then, if there is an identified problem with the app, can it be resolved.

Please note this is not a satellite navigation app that updates your location on a map automatically. It will show your current location when you click the search button and only show it and the surrounding area with your position being marked by a blue marker with the label Y (for "You").

Additional information:
The postcode finding feature does not always work every time because it is reliant on a free web server that reverse geocodes the gps coordinates and so if the internet connection times out (such as with a slow connection) or if the server is down (which can happen) the gps and picture part will work but the postcode will be replaced by the gps coordinates instead until the service can be found.

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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