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Anatomy 3D - Anatronica

Anatomy 3D - Anatronica

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Anatomy 3D - Anatronica 截图

Anatomy 3D - Anatronica Anatomy 3D - Anatronica Anatomy 3D - Anatronica Anatomy 3D - Anatronica Anatomy 3D - Anatronica Anatomy 3D - Anatronica

Anatomy 3D - Anatronica 描述

★ A free 3D educational guide to the human skeletal and muscular anatomy (available also as FREE web app and for Windows/MacOS desktop as well) featuring an advanced interactive 3D touch interface. Wikipedia and Grays anatomy info available.

★ Easy to navigate and explore human body (skeletal and muscular system in free version)
★ Fast search function
★ High detail 3D model
★ Details about every object from wikipedia
★ Improved interface
★ Improved performance
★ Frequent updates!

★ Test your knowledge with quiz (will be added in the next update)

★ Try this FREE version before you decide to buy Anatronica Pro (Ads free, more anatomy systems, frequent updates)

★ Available for android phones and tablets

★ Visit www.anatronica.com for free complete online web version of interactive anatomy with all human anatomy systems!

★ If you like the app do not forget to rate it (Please do not give poor rating for no reason, tell us if app is not working properly and we will try to resolve the issue)

★ Please feel free to forward any suggestions or complaints to android.support@anatronica.com or developer directly mirko.jugurdzija@anatronica.com

★一个免费的3D教育引导人的骨骼和肌肉解剖(也可作为免费的Web应用程序的Windows / MacOS桌面),它采用了先进的互动式3D触控界面。维基百科和灰色的解剖信息。







★请随时提出任何建议或投诉,android.support @ anatronica.com或开发,直接mirko.jugurdzija @ anatronica.com

Anatomy 3D - Anatronica 更新内容


v2.06 Bug fixes

v2.05 Various GUI improvements

v2.04 Bug fixes

v2.03 GUI improvements

v2.02 GUI layout fixes

v2.01 Various bug fixes

v2.00 Complete redesign (Nervous system added)

v1.36 improvements

v1.35 bug fixes

v1.34 minor bug fixes

v1.33 new controls for pan and zoom (pinch zoom and two finger drag for pan)

v1.32 bug fixes

v1.31 optmizations

v1.30 portrait mode!

v1.29 optimizations

v1.28 minor fixes

v1.27 touch input fixed on certain devices

v1.26 varius bug fixes


Anatomy 3D - Anatronica 历史版本

Anatomy 3D - Anatronica 使用技巧

Anatomy 3D - Anatronica 信息

手机美化 桌面
Android 2.2.x 以上

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