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Draw Names From A Hat

Draw Names From A Hat

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Draw Names From A Hat Draw Names From A Hat Draw Names From A Hat Draw Names From A Hat Draw Names From A Hat Draw Names From A Hat

Draw Names From A Hat 描述

A modern twist to the old fashioned method of choosing names by writing names on slips of paper and then drawing them from a hat. Simply enter a list of items (e.g., names, numbers, etc.), or select names from the contact list and then shake your device to randomly select a name or number. Can also be used to select lottery numbers, or along with printed tickets to hold large group drawings or raffles.
Latest version adds capability to add odds to each entry so that an entry can have greater opportunity to win (e.g., if a user has 10 tickets they'd have a greater chance of winning than someone who only has one ticket).
You can define any number and quantity of prizes and drawing will automatically assign a prize to each drawing.
Lots of original uses reported by my users, including a teacher using the app. to pick students to call on, and a trainer who uses the app. to give out prizes at the end of training sessions.
User configurable drawing types:
- Single Name - each name can only win once regardless of odds or number of tickets (though multiple tickets give better odds)
- Single Ticket - each ticket can only win once, more tickets gives better odds of winning
- Random - Never ending random drawing
Share drawing results with friends, family, or co-workers using all your social networking including: Facebook, email, IM and Twitter.
You can also save the application to SD card, save your drawings for later use, edit drawings to add or remove items, delete drawings, or clear the results and start the drawing over.
Ad free Pro version also available!
      - 单名 - 每个名字只能赢一次,无论赔率还是门票数量(尽管多票提供更好的赔率)
      - 单程票 - 每张票只能赢一次,更多的门票给了获胜的好机会
      - 随机 - 永不落幕随机抽取

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Fixed issue where edit/delete did not work

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