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迪士尼等待米老鼠 迪士尼等待米老鼠 迪士尼等待米老鼠 迪士尼等待米老鼠 迪士尼等待米老鼠 迪士尼等待米老鼠

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Disneyland Wait Times FREE including rides, hours, events, food, showtimes, California Adventure, Downtown Disney + EVERYTHING you need for your next trip to the Disneyland Resort! Join 3 MILLION fans and find out why 15 out of 17 people use MouseWait as their primary Disneyland App. MouseWait is the most popular, critically acclaimed, and most updated Disneyland Android/iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch/Windows Phone App since 2009 with over 11,000 reviews. Make new friends with Disney fans worldwide in our family friendly, professionally moderated social Lounge. You will save time & money while enhancing your Disney Parks experience.
The Huffington Post acknowledged MouseWait as one of the three "Disneyland Musts You Shouldn't Be Without"
OCWeekly named MouseWait as one of the OC's best apps, "Whether you're a Disneyland Annual Passport Holder or a casual Disneyland visitor, this is a must for everyone."
One of the 26 Apps You Need To Survive In Los Angeles" BuzzFeed
Macworld loves MouseWait 4.5/5 Mice:
"MouseWait provides a wealth of information for both casual and frequent visitors to the Disneyland Resort. It does exactly what it claims and more, and it does it extremely well. If you have plans to visit the Disneyland Resort in the future, or are an Annual Passholder, this app is an absolute must." Danny Amezcua, Macworld
An OC blogger found in a random survey that 15 out of 17 use MouseWait as their primary Disneyland app.
AS SEEN ON TV: Ryan Seacrest, Leo Laporte, CBS, KCAL, KTLA News, FRONT PAGE of the Press Enterprise, LA Times, OC Register, OCWeekly, Macworld, PCWorld, TMZ, E!, People Magazine, & OrangeCoast Magazine
★★★★★"It's like having Disneyland in your pocket"
Visit the Lounge to get the inside scoop on how to maximize your next trip to Disneyland!
Download today to get INSTANT access to our world famous Crowd Index, MagicSearch Technology, and more (you can also upgrade inside the app to remove ads).
"I would pay for this app!" xbuddycorex
"Lots of features, super-fast email support for questions" DavidRac
"Love how I can get all the info I need in one place" stimpy0323
"This app is the best Disneyland Resort app and it's FREE" Rloluvmuzik
"This app has tons of features, it will be great to use on vacation or just checking in on the latest Disney news" Jen's Music
TIPS: Connectivity is sometimes poor at Disneyland. Hard reboot your phone to improve signal.
★If you're having problems email support@mousewait.com - we answer all support requests (please do this before posting a review).
★Get accurate wait times for everything from Space Mountain to the Dole Whip Line! The largest active user base of any Disneyland app + our unique proprietary algorithm predicts wait times. Full California Adventure info included.
★The Lounge: Our patent-pending mobile social network platform lets you share real-time images & more from the Park & it allows you to connect with Disneyland fans around the world! Make new friends, learn about the parks, get inside tips from experts.
★Live vicariously through other people at Disneyland; great for post-vacation blues!
★The most comprehensive food directory including menus, maps, & reviews from our massive community.
★Your account SYNCS to the web for free so you can access your Likes, Bookmarks, & more on our web version! http://mousewait.com/disneyland/lounge
★Live Disneyland Webcams!
★NEW Food Section! The most comprehensive food directory including menus, maps, & reviews
★ALL IN ONE passholder calendar with blockout dates
★Detailed weather
★Find Food Near Me, Restrooms Near Me, Events Near Me - one click buttons from your Dashboard that give you the info you need.
★Post your pictures to the Lounge
★MouseWait Crowd Index and Park hours on the wait time screens, NEW AND IMPROVED wait time algorithm.
Get MouseWait updates on FB and Twitter go to http://mousewait.com
迪斯尼乐园等待时间免费乘坐包括,小时,事件,食品,放映时间,加州冒险乐园,迪士尼市中心+一切你需要为你的下一次旅行到迪斯尼乐园!加入3万粉丝,了解为什么15出17人使用MouseWait作为其主要的应用程序迪斯尼乐​​园。 MouseWait是最流行的,广受好评,并且最新的Andr​​oid迪斯尼乐园/ iPhone / iPad的/ Apple关注/ Windows Phone的自2009年以来与应用超过11,000篇。请与迪士尼粉丝新朋友全球范围内我们的家庭友好的,专业的主持社交休息室。您将节省时间和金钱,同时提高你的迪斯尼主题公园的经验。
Macworld大会爱MouseWait 4.5 / 5只小鼠:
AS在电视上看到:瑞安西克赖斯,狮子座拉波特,CBS,KCAL,KTLA新闻,新闻的企业,洛杉矶时报,OC注册,OCWeekly,Macworld大会,这次调查是PCWorld,TMZ,E !,人物周刊,与OrangeCoast杂志的头版
“我就要为这个应用程序!” xbuddycorex
★如果您有任何问题的电子邮件support@mousewait.com - 我们回答所有支持请求(请张贴检讨之前做到这一点)。
★您的帐户同步到网上寻找免费的,所以您可以访问您喜欢,书签,和更多的在我们的网页版! http://mousewait.com/disneyland/lounge
★ALL IN ONE passholder日历日期阻断
★寻找食物靠近我,厕所离我很近活动我旁边 - 点击按钮,从您的控制台,让您所需要的信息。

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Minor bug fixes in this version to get ready for MouseWait 9--a COMPLETE redesign! If you're having problems with this version please use our new Support tab inside the app. Visit http://MouseWait.com for more info and check out the Lounge in the app for Disneyland and MouseWait news.
Upgrade to Platinum! Get the Insider's Guide & remove banner/popup ads.
Please update your rating in Play if this version works better for you!

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Android 2.3 以上
Google Play



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