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Yaware - employee time tracker

Yaware - employee time tracker

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Yaware - employee time tracker 截图

Yaware - employee time tracker Yaware - employee time tracker Yaware - employee time tracker Yaware - employee time tracker Yaware - employee time tracker Yaware - employee time tracker Yaware - employee time tracker Yaware - employee time tracker Yaware - employee time tracker Yaware - employee time tracker

Yaware - employee time tracker 描述

Yaware is the best employee time tracking solution for small and large teams.
Track your employees time with a single click on your phone!
Yaware is a perfect solution to control the key indicators of your team work from anywhere in the world. It helps you to track employees presence at work, analyse time usage and productivity in one click.
Yaware is widely used by business owners and managers to control the work of employees mainly working on computers.
It is a web-based service. A small application is installed on a user PC and sends data to the remote server. The data then being displayed in your user account for detailed analysis. All the process is totally safe: the data is transferred using secure connection and being stored in encrypted form.
Yaware gives you multiple advantages as a web-service: you can monitor an unlimited number of employees all over the world from one account! Easy installation and set up, free updates and tech support make Yaware the best employee time tracking solution as for small as well as for large teams!
Five major reasons for using Yaware tool:
1. Easy installation and set up - all the process takes up to 5 minutes.
2. Automatic monitoring - no data input. Just set up monitoring schedule and analyse the data in your account
3. Visual data presentation - You need just one glance to see if there is a reason for detailed analysis. You can instantly notice potentially problematic aspects and take appropriate measures if necessary.
4. Multiple time tracking Features
- Track employees presence at work (start/end of the day, the breaks)
- Track working hours - total time worked, overtime hours
- Analyse time usage and productivity: what programs, applications employees use at work, analyse users web activity
- Use Groups management option to control large teams: group employees by departments, projects etc.
- Use Manager feature to grant access rights and delegate control function to your subordinates
- Monthly, weekly and daily summary and detailed reports
- Daily email notifications about the changes in your team productivity
- Use screenshots an webcam snapshots if necessary
- Track non-computer work (meetings, calls, breaks etc)
- Export data from you account to PDF or csv file for further analysis
5. Yaware really saves much of the company resources. Even the fact of using such a tool motivates employees to use their working time more productively. By reducing ineffective activities you save hours for major business tasks.
System requirements
OS: Android v2.2 or above
Contact us:
Provided by MagneticOne @http://yaware.com.
Feel free to contact us by email at contact@yaware.com. We’ll be glad to help you quickly with any aspect of monitoring your team work with Yaware tool.

Yaware - employee time tracker 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:- Start/end of the day hours are displayed on a Gantt Chart

- Automatic categorisation for sub-domains and program versions

- .CSV and PDF export option added

- Sorting data by user, productivity, total time added in Reports by time section

- Email reports for Managers option added

Yaware - employee time tracker 历史版本

Yaware - employee time tracker 使用技巧

Yaware - employee time tracker 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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