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SafeFind - Share Your Location

SafeFind - Share Your Location

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SafeFind - Share Your Location 截图

SafeFind - Share Your Location SafeFind - Share Your Location SafeFind - Share Your Location SafeFind - Share Your Location SafeFind - Share Your Location SafeFind - Share Your Location SafeFind - Share Your Location SafeFind - Share Your Location

SafeFind - Share Your Location 描述

SafeFind works with text messaging to make sharing and receiving locations easy!

SafeFind uses GPS and text messaging to help you quickly and easily share your location with friends. It also lets your friends make requests for your location, which you can approve or deny with SafeFind's intuitive interface. When a friend with SafeFind sends you their location, it appears on your map. You can interact with the map by selecting your friends either directly on the map or in the side-scrolling list at the bottom. When you select a friend, you can choose to request an update of their location, send them your location, share their location, see their street address, navigate to their location, or chat with them through call or sms. SafeFind also includes a feature called SmartFind that intelligently determines when you receive a text message asking for your location and notifies you. Additionally, you can share your current address or coordinates through text messaging, social networking, and much more!

Why use SafeFind to share your location?
- You may have tried other location sharing apps in the past only to end up never using them. SafeFind is different because it's built around a service you use every day - text messaging (sms). Sending your location or a request for a friends location with SafeFind is no different than sending a text message. In fact, that's exactly how SafeFind works. To further integrate itself with text messaging, SafeFind comes with a feature called SmartFind. SmartFind automatically determines when you receive a text message requesting your location. However, if you'd prefer to not use this service it can easily be disabled in the app's settings. And because SafeFind works through text messages, locations sent between you and a friend are private and never stored anywhere online. This makes SafeFind not only the easiest way to share your location, but also the safest.

List of features:
- Send your location to friends
- Request your friend's locations
- See your location and your friend's locations on an interactive map
- See your friend's street address
- Share your street address or coordinates
- Safe! You can approve or deny any request for your location and your location is never stored online
- Built around text messaging - a service you already use
- SmartFind feature intelligently determines when a friend sends a text messaging asking for your location and notifies you
- Intuitive interface
- Jump to your location on map by tapping "SafeFind" any time
- Long-press on send your location button for more options
- Long-press on items to avoid confirmation dialogs
- Uses text messaging (sms) so your location is private and only shared with whom you approve
- See your GPS's current accuracy on the map

SafeFind - Share Your Location 更新内容


- Fixed graphics issue for medium resolution devices


- Completely new app

- Improved graphics for all devices

- Quickly approve or reject requests for your location with the new drop-down notifications

- Interactive map shows your location and the location of your friends

- Look up the address of any friend's received location

- Quickly chat through SMS or phone (standard rates apply)

- Share your current SafeFind location or your current address

- New contact selector

SafeFind - Share Your Location 历史版本

SafeFind - Share Your Location 使用技巧

SafeFind - Share Your Location 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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