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IMPORTANT NOTICE: 0 Backup is currently deprecated. It still works, but no active development will be done (not even to follow Android versions). This page will remain available for current users, but we strongly suggest not to install it unless you know what you are doing. If you need the features of 0 Backup, you will probably like FolderSync, which provides almost all the features of 0 Backup and many more (although probably with a larger degree of complexity, since it does many more things).
0 Backup is backup solution for your Android device, allowing you to fully backup your external SD card to your own computer.
Think about it: your contacts and calendar are probably synchronized to your Gmail account, your mail corporate server or your MS Exchange corporate server, but what's about the data in your SD card? The documents you have created with Documents To Go, Quick Office or any other office suite; the passwords you keep within KeePassDroid; the photographs and videos of your family; the quick notes you take with your favorite notes editor; all of them and many others live in your SD card, so most of your data lives in your SD card. Back it up!
Other backup solutions say to make a backup of your phone, but if such backup is kept only on the SD card of your phone, it is still in risk of being lost or stolen. 0 Backup can help you back up also such data form the SD card to your own computer.
Other backup solutions store the backup on online storage servers, usually subject to a monthly fee. 0 Backup does the backup to your own computer, so no extra or hidden fees apply.
* Backup your SD to a shared folder in your computer whenever you want.
* Uses SMB/CIFS. No need to install specific software in your computer.
* Exclusion list, to avoid wasting time and space in the computer with expendable data (music, emulator ROMs...)
* Schedulable automatic backup, to set-and-forget it (Gold only).
* Automatic turn WiFi on and off for scheduled backup (Gold only).
* Configurable to use only WiFi, to avoid wasting your expensive mobile data plan.
* Configurable to use only your own WiFi network, to skip backup when traveling or so (Gold only).
* Configurable to stop backup when not charging, to avoid wasting battery.
* Configurable to try to continue on errors.
* Configurable to remove previously backed-up item on server that has been removed on your SD card.
* No need for root.
Known problems:
* To avoid piracy, the folder .android_secure cannot be backup'd. It contains the applications that have been moved to the SD card (from Android 2.2 Froyo on), but not data nor configurations, so just reinstall them if you need it.
    * Plain-text password in the SMB share are not supported.
* Some users report that setting USB debugging on causes "access denied" in some devices.
    * Some characters in the password (such as @ and other strange characters) are known to cause problems authenticating to the server.
Check the web page at http://www.0droid.com/0backup for information, reference manual, guides,...
0 Backup是为你的Andr​​oid设备的备份解决方案,让您充分的备份你的外置SD卡,以自己的计算机。
想想看:在您的联系人和日历同步,可能您的Gmail帐户,您的邮件公司的服务器或您的MS Exchange的企业服务器,但什么是关于你的SD卡中的数据?该文件你的Documents To Go创建,快速办公室或任何其他办公套件;你一直在KeePassDroid密码;照片和你的家人的影片;快速的笔记,你需要用你喜欢的笔记编辑器;所有这些以及其他许多人住在你的SD卡,所以大部分数据的住在你的SD卡。对其进行备份!
其他备份解决方案说让你的手机的备份,但如果这样的备份保留只在您的手机的SD卡,它仍然是在丢失或被盗的风险。 0备份可以帮助你备份也是这样的数据形成的SD卡在自己的计算机。
其他备份解决方案存储在网络存储服务器,通常按月租费的备份。 0备份做备份到自己的电脑,所以没有多余的或隐藏的收费。
    *使用SMB / CIFS。无需安装特定的软件在您的计算机。
    *排除清单,以避免浪费时间和空间的计算机消耗数据(音乐,仿真器的ROM ...)
    *为了避免盗版行为,该文件夹.android_secure不能backup'd。它包含已移动到SD卡上(从的Andr​​oid 2.2 Froyo上)的应用程序,但没有数据,也没有配置,所以只要重新安装,如果你需要它。

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Fixed bug in set server

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Android 2.0 以上

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