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Paint Planets Galaxy Game

Paint Planets Galaxy Game

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Paint Planets Galaxy Game Paint Planets Galaxy Game Paint Planets Galaxy Game Paint Planets Galaxy Game Paint Planets Galaxy Game Paint Planets Galaxy Game Paint Planets Galaxy Game Paint Planets Galaxy Game

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This app is a simple game, and it is free, too. Why not get one for your android cell phone and/or tablet. The rule of Paint Planets Galaxy Game is very simple, paint other balls into your color and you win.CharactersShow stats and level in the main interfaceSound effectKinds of playing modesAuto savingIt is made for android systemEasy and simple to playHow to play this game here?You are green in this app, in other words, you control the green planets.Each planet show the number of skip that is contains. This number grows with time.Alien planets are red or blue or yellow or pink. You must to eradicate aliens.You will win when there is no more alien.To attack, you must drag and drop from one your planet to the target planet. It will send half of the planet skips.Functions introductionPaint Planets Galaxy Game has several playing modes, including campaign, random fight and team 2x2 and so on. In the campaign mode, you can increase your stats in the aspects of attack, defense, speed and growing.You can click on different section to open it and play the inside game.This game will save your progression. For example, if you quit at level eleven, you will continue at level eleven the next time you play it.But you also can reset your status, in that case you will start from the first level.The AI is colored depending of their main statRed are good in attackBlue are good in defenseYellow are fastPink growing quicklyYou can manage the AI difficulty in the optionsNow, start to play this game and relax yourself!>>>>>>> The app here is free, meanwhile, it is ad supported.You may find some icon ads or notification ads in this app, they are not harmful.We will appreciate it if you give this app five stars, a good comment or share with your friends. Thanks for your support!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------UNINSTALLUncheck to deactivate this app in the device administration section. Open the settings and click location and security, then you will find this section.=========================================================================

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Android 1.5.0 以上

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