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Swivel Gun! Lite

Swivel Gun! Lite

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Swivel Gun! Lite 截图

Swivel Gun! Lite Swivel Gun! Lite Swivel Gun! Lite Swivel Gun! Lite Swivel Gun! Lite Swivel Gun! Lite

Swivel Gun! Lite 描述

Avast Mates! Ye be havin' what it takes to be a swivel gun MASTER?
Well then look alive, scurvy bilge rats! Our crew needs a swivel gunner to take over for Stubby Bill (formerly One-Armed Bill, Short Fuse Bill, etc.), and you’re next in line. Aim true and steady to knock out the barrels and prove yer mettle. Though if ye waste me ammunition, we’ll be fittin’ you as a target yerself.

Good luck, matey! I believe ye be needin’ it.
- 3 Unlockable Ammo Types
- 30 Levels to Master
- 2 Play modes: Classic and Augmented Reality
Device Requirements:
- Android Device running OS 2.2 or later
- 1GHz processor
- Camera
- Touchscreen
**Augmented Reality mode requires an INTERNET CONNECTION to set your device's camera up for AR game-play. (This is only required the first time the app is run)

Swivel Gun! Lite 更新内容

- NEW - No printed augmented reality game card needed! Play anywhere by using the built in AR marker creation tool.
- HD graphics for high resolution / dpi devices
- Augmented Reality system upgrades and fixes
- UI updates

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Swivel Gun! Lite 信息

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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