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‘PRINCE2 ExamBoost’ helps you pass the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam (2009 edition) in no time. Just download the App and get started. Answer the question and the App immediately gives you the correct answer and explanation. If you want you can repeat the questions. Finished? You can download a new set of questions and you’re off again. There are plenty of questions in our database, so you can get all the practice you want. Your results are displayed on the statistics screen, to help monitor your progress. Are you ready for your exam or do you need a little more practice?
It goes without saying that the app is easy to use. All questions are based on the most recent edition of PRINCE2. They are developed and maintained by an official Accredited Training Organization with many years of experience in providing project management training. The questions in ‘PRINCE2 Examboost’ have been used for many years to help people pass their PRINCE2 Foundation Exam and are now available to help you. So, what are you waiting for? Download the ‘PRINCE2 Examboost’ and start practicing!
Features of the PRINCE2 ExamBoost:
• lots of questions to practice with;
• practice anywhere you want;
• detailed explanations with all questions;
• remembers all wrong answers;
• easy to navigate;
• keeps track of your statistics;
• Questions are based on the latest version of PRINCE2;
• repeat questions as often as you like;
• practice offline.
“PRINCE2 ExamBoost”有助于您通过PRINCE2®基础考试(2009年版)在任何时间。只需下载应用程序,并开始浏览网页。回答这个问题,和App马上给你正确的答案和解释。如果你愿意,你可以重复的问题。完了吗?你可以下载一个新的问题,你再次关闭。有很多的问题在我们的资料库中,因此你可以得到所有你想要的做法。统计屏幕上显示你的结果,来帮助监视你的进步。你准备好为您的考试还是需要多练习一点?
不用说,应用程序易于使用。所有的问题都是基于PRINCE2的最新版本。开发和维护由官方认可的培训机构有多年的经验,在提供项目管理培训。已使用多年的问题“PRINCE2 Examboost”,帮助人们通过他们的PRINCE2基础考试,现在可以帮助您。所以,你还等什么?下载“PRINCE2 Examboost”,并开始练习吧!
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New on this version:
- Error report function
PS: We suggest you to upgrade the app to version 1.1, to be able to buy a set of question.

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