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Native American Folk Tales

Native American Folk Tales

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Native American Folk Tales Native American Folk Tales Native American Folk Tales

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Native American Folk Tales. Spirit of America. Must Read Book! Not just for kids

Native American Folk Tales. Spirit of North America. Folk tales - magic of nature, Prairie, Fire, Dance, Animals...

* The origin of fire
* The man who acted as the Sun
* Climbing the Mountain
* Buffalo Woman
* How the Terrapin beat the Rabbit
* The Celestial Sisters
* The Boy who Set a Snare for the Sun
* Strong Desire and the Red Sorcerer
* The Wonderful Exploits of Grasshopper
* The Two Jeebi
* Osseo, the Son of the Evening Star
* Gray Eagle and his Five Brothers
* The Toad-Woman
* The Origin of the Robin
* White Feather and the Six Giants
* Sheem, the Forsaken Boy
* The Magic Bundle
* The Red Swan
* The Man with his Leg Tied Up
* The Little Spirit or Boy-Man
* The Enchanted Moccasins
* He of the Little Shell
* Manabozho, the Mischief-Maker
* Leelinau, the Lost Daughte
* The Winter Spirit and his Visitor
* The Fire-Plume
* Weendigoes and the Bone-Dwarf
* The Bird Lover
* Bokwewa the Humpback
* The Crane that Crossed the River
* Wunzh, the Father of Indian Corn
* How the Turkey got his beard
* Coyote spills the stars
* A Great Flood
* How people learned to fish
* The Kind Hawk
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Enjoy the nature! Respect nature! Save nature!

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