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Call Blocker X - Advance

Call Blocker X - Advance

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Call Blocker X - Advance Call Blocker X - Advance Call Blocker X - Advance Call Blocker X - Advance Call Blocker X - Advance Call Blocker X - Advance

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Best Call & SMS blocker on Android market for conditional call blocking,specially for frequent call blocking, 'Very much' easy to block a call(Just a single click only). Now Completely support Gingerbread ( support Hangup on Gingerbread too ) # Just to inform it's 90 days free trial app. # If you like the app please review and comment.it's free for trial. ## Need Internet permission for Location Service and Google Map. Location and Time based Call and SMS blocker (without eating your battery) Call Blocker,SMS Blocker, Call Filter, SMS Filter, Time, Location, Call Blocker X, Advance,Call Manager, SMS Responder, Ringtone Manager, Unknown . Best call and sms Blocker, call manager on Android market. ### Never eat your battery even too much location based task enabled :) (100% battery optimization) # Block by Location (Enable Network Location Provider before use)# Block by Time# Block By Group# Block By Selection# Block Unknown calls # Set Ringtone By Group# Set auto-SMS-responder # Quick Silent By Mobile Face Down * Not for every one, Advance user only (use settings)* if you don't like the app, you will get complete refund. ## This app is free for 90 days. ## This app works perfectly, If you are facing any problem write to Dev.## Support Gingerbread completely (support Hangup on Gingerbread ) tags : call blocker , sms blocker , call filter , sms filter, unknown call, ringtone, group, call manager, location , time , advance , call blocker x , easy , E+ , advance call blocker x, gingerbread, 2.3, android 2.3, Location

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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