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Syrmia TD Demo

Syrmia TD Demo

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Syrmia TD Demo Syrmia TD Demo Syrmia TD Demo Syrmia TD Demo Syrmia TD Demo

Syrmia TD Demo 描述

Syrmia is addictive medieval-themed defense game, that runs well even on low-end devices. Featuring nice graphics, music and sound effects... For those of us who spent hours on Warcraft I, C&CI and AoEI. Key features: - 2 game modes (Campaign and Skirmish). - 2 types of maps to choose from (open maps and maps with fixed path). - 10 levels. - 4 types of towers. - 5 base upgrades that increase tower attributes. - 2 ammo upgrades for each tower that improve existing or add completely new effects. - 5 skills that you can upgrade by gaining experience. - 8 achievements to unlock that also gives you various bonuses. If you have any questions, problems or suggestions contact us at syrmia.td@gmail.com. Your feedback is always welcome. Keywords: Syrmia, Syrmia Defence Demo, Tower, Defence, Defense, Balista, Catapult, Net Thrower, Motivator 斯里耶姆是会上瘾的中世纪主题的防御游戏,运行良好,即使在低端设备上。拥有漂亮的图形,音乐和声音效果... 对于我们这些人花了几个小时魔兽I,C&CI和AoEI。 主要特点: - 2种游戏模式(战役和遭遇战)。 - 2种类型的地图可供选择(开放的地图和地图有固定的路径)。 - 10水平。 - 4种类型的塔。 - 5个基地升级,提高塔的属性。 - 2弹药升级为每个塔,提高现有或新增全新的效果。 - 5技能,你可以通过获得经验升级。 - 8成就解锁,还为您提供各种奖金。 如果您有任何疑问,问题或建议,请联系我们在syrmia.td @ gmail.com。 随时欢迎您的反馈。 关键词: 斯里耶姆国防演示,塔,国防,国防,Balista,弹射器,净运动员,激励斯里耶姆 更新内容: Skirmish and skirmish special maps opened.

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经营策略 塔防
Android 1.6.0 以上

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