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The Official TKTS app is the only way to get fast, accurate, real-time listings of all Broadway and Off Broadway shows available at the world famous TKTS Discount Ticket Booths in New York City.
Don’t know which show to see? That’s OK! Use this app to learn about every production listed at TKTS. If you’re looking for a New York City theatre adventure, use the Show Directory feature to discover all that’s playing on and off Broadway in New York City.
Real-time display of what is currently on sale at all three TKTS Discount Booths
Comprehensive Show Directory where you'll find out what’s happening on and off Broadway in New York City - including show descriptions, performance schedules, theatre locations, accessibility information and links to official show websites
Approximate wait times at each booth so that you can plan your visit
The “My List” feature lets you create a list of shows you want to see and turn on notifications so we can let you know when tickets are available
TDF Stages - TDF's online theatre magazine featuring articles, videos and podcasts
TKTS tips in seven languages to help you plan your visit
TKTS offers same-day tickets to Broadway and Off Broadway shows at discounts of up to 50% off the full price. The official TKTS app is directly linked to the TKTS Discount Booths, so what you're seeing, in real time, is exactly what the people waiting in line are seeing.
The TKTS Discount Booths have become an international destination for theatre lovers from the United States and around the world since 1973. There are three locations in New York City:
(1) Times Square – Broadway and 47th Street, Manhattan, "under the red steps"
(2) South Street Seaport – at the corner of Front and John Streets, Manhattan
(3) Downtown Brooklyn – in 1 MetroTech Center, at the corner of Jay Street and Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn
The Official TKTS app is offered exclusively by Theatre Development Fund (TDF), the not-for-profit service organization for the performing arts, which operates the TKTS Discount Booths.
综合会刊,你会发现什么是发生在和百老汇在纽约市 - 包括显示说明,性能时间表,影院位置,无障碍信息和链接到官方网站显示
TDF阶段 - TDF的在线影院杂志的特色文章,视频和播客
(1)时代广场 - 百老汇和47街,曼哈顿,“在红色的步骤”
(2)南大街海港 - 在接待和约翰街,曼哈顿的角落
(3)布鲁克林市中心 - 在1 MetroTech中心,在周杰伦街和默特尔大道,布鲁克林的角落

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Enjoy a redesigned app interface
Create a list of shows you want to see and turn on notifications so we can let you know when tickets are available
See approximate wait times at each booth so that you can plan your visit
Get TKTS tips (available in EIGHT languages) so you are in-the-know before you go to a booth
Participate in the #TKTS conversation in the app and on social media
Enter special TKTS contests and giveaways

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