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ShaSha : Defence SE

ShaSha : Defence SE

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ShaSha : Defence SE 截图

ShaSha : Defence SE ShaSha : Defence SE ShaSha : Defence SE ShaSha : Defence SE

ShaSha : Defence SE 描述

Little Red Riding Hood Shasha : 3D Shooting Defense Special Edition
Load and Fire!
Shasha the Little Red Riding Hood is now in the bamboo grove.
She is enjoying her daily walk as usual in the bamboo grove, home of pandas.
Oh no! The wolves have come this far to go after Shasha again!
They’re back, stronger and tougher than ever!
Be a hunter and save Shasha from the wolves!
Protect Shasha from the wolves! Bang! Bang! Bang!
This time, pandas are on their way too! Hi-yah!
1)Simple operations: All you do is tilt your device and tab the screen!
2)Breaking records: Be a World Record-Breaker through 3G and wi-fi!
3)Zombie mode: When you win the last level, the zombie mode will start!
4)Sheep-wolves are on their way!: These wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing recover Shasha’s strength by 1 point.
5)Shot guns available!: With our shot guns you can hunt down many wolves at once!
6)Say hello to Pandas!: When you strike a gong, pandas will appear and hunt all the wolves.
How to play
1)Start play. Tilt your device right and left, and the screen will move.
2)Tab on the right side of the screen when there is a wolf in your aiming point. (maximum of 5 shots in a row)
3)When you run out of bullets, tab on the left side of the screen to reload.
4)Hunt down the wolves before they approach Shasha! (Being strong, Shashah can hold out 5 attacks at most.
5)Strike the gong when it glows! Pandas will come out and get rid of all the wolves.
-Even if the product was purchased by someone other than you (your kid or anyone else), there will be no refund.
-If an error occurs after your purchase and the product cannot be executed, request Google Market for a refund within the day of the purchase.
-For inquiries, contact us at ud4mclub@ud4m.com

ShaSha : Defence SE 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:Supports all Android versions
(2.2 Froyo and 2.3 Gingerbread)

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ShaSha : Defence SE 信息

动作射击 休闲时间
Android 2.2.x 以上

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