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US Birding Checklist (demo)

US Birding Checklist (demo)

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US Birding Checklist (demo) 截图

US Birding Checklist (demo) US Birding Checklist (demo) US Birding Checklist (demo) US Birding Checklist (demo) US Birding Checklist (demo) US Birding Checklist (demo)

US Birding Checklist (demo) 描述

US Birding Checklist demo version
If you find it useful, please consider upgrading to the full version.
This is one of a series of Birding Checklist applications for Android mobile phones and tablets. There are applications for Australia, New Zealand, United States (excluding Mexico and South America), Western Palearctic (UK and Europe), Pacific Islands, South Africa, and Ecuador/Peru/Bolivia.
PHOTOS & SOUNDS are downloaded separately, and must be manually installed via your PC. Please check the Readme file at this download website so you know how to do this. The photos and sounds are NOT included in the download package from the Android market.
US download website:
US – 1040 species and 15 subspecies (does not include Mexico or Central America)
These applications include basic bird identification information, and are NOT intended to replace a field guide. It is expected that users will have good familiarity with the birds they are seeing, and will use this application for:
a. Logging bird sightings (with GPS co-ordinates if your phone has a GPS)
b. Uploading your sightings to eBird (or similar PC or online recording system)
c. Maintaining your Lifelist
Full versions have the following features:
- complete listing of all bird species and subspecies (where known)
- searching and filtering of the bird list
- statistics and record of your personal bird Lifelist
- current tick list (birds you have seen today or during a short field trip)
- quick lists for customised bird listings for locations your frequently visit
- display of bird photos and bird calls on the SD card linked to the application (these must be manually downloaded separately)
- logging facilities including GPS location (if your phone has a GPS)
- export log file in eBird Import format for rapid loading of your sightings to eBird
- optional downloadable Rangemaps and extended text descriptions (incomplete but growing collection on external download site)
- help information
- play mp4 videos of birds stored in the photos folder on the SD card
- support for large screen 1280 x 800 tablets
Demo versions have reduced functionality:
- cannot save lifelist, sighting logs or statistics
- will not display rangemaps or extended descriptions
- do not display ticklists for regions
- no GPS location display on Google maps
- no alternate language support
- no quicklists (custom filtering of bird lists for your location)
- no mp4 video support
You can easily add your own resources files – the application places no restriction on this but very large numbers of photos (many thousands) may slow down the application.
A fix has been rolled out to address the unusual situation Peter Colen reported in his review, and this demo version now allows saving of Lifelist data. It is always a good idea to back up important personal data from the phone SD card, just as you would make backups on your PC.
Please contact me if you have any comments or suggestions, or corrections to the bird information. Please also get in contact if you are interested in helping create a new birding checklist application for birds in your area.
美国 - 1040种和亚种15(不包括墨西哥和中美洲)
- 所有的鸟种和亚种的完整列表(如果知道)
- 搜索和鸟名单过滤
- 统计和您的个人鸟类的设备列表中的记录
- 当前滴答列表(你今天看到的或在很短的实地考察鸟)
- 定制鸟的房源位置您经常访问的快速列表
- 鸟照片和SD卡链接到应用程序上的鸟叫显示(这些必须手动单独下载)
- 日志工具,包括GPS位置(如果你的手机具有GPS)
- 在eBird导入格式为快速装你目击到eBird导出日志文件
- 可选择下载Rangemaps和扩展的文字说明(不完整的,但越来越多的收集外部下载网站)
- 帮助信息
- 存储在照片鸟类播放MP4视频的SD卡上的文件夹
- 大屏幕1280×800平板电脑支持
- 无法保存设备列表,瞄准记录或统计
- 将不显示rangemaps或扩展描述
- 不显示ticklists的地区
- 谷歌地图上没有GPS定位显示
- 没有备用语言支持
- 没有quicklists(鸟列表您的位置自定义过滤)
- 无MP4视频支持
您可以轻松地添加自己的资源文件 - 应用程序放置没有限制这一点,但非常大的数字照片(成千上万)可能会减慢应用程序。

US Birding Checklist (demo) 更新内容

Refresh of user interface in alignment with full version, support for Android Action Bar and other user interface improvements.

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US Birding Checklist (demo) 信息

Android 2.3.3 以上
Google Play

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