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Water Tracker Lite

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Water Tracker Lite Water Tracker Lite Water Tracker Lite Water Tracker Lite Water Tracker Lite Water Tracker Lite

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Track on your water intake. Use tips, analyze and maintain adequate Water level.
Keep a track of your water intake. Water tracker will help you to stay notified about your water consumption.
This app will not only help you to maintain the required water level in your body, but also will help you to lose weight, gain healthy skin, reduce risk of heart attacks, increase immunity, and achieve a better metabolism for your whole body system. All you need to do is drink sufficient quantity of water!
● Enter your details like Name, Age, Gender, Blood Group, Height, Weight (SI/US units) etc.
● Now record your water consumption for ready reference with you.
● Enter your daily water consumption readings in the application.
● You can analyze your water intake anytime and make sure you take adequate amounts of water on a daily basis.
● Benefits and useful tips to help you keep your water levels adequate are also available.
Every activity in the body is propelled by water. It is the water, which is responsible for two thirds of activity in the body.
Water has always been an important and life-sustaining drink for human beings and is essential to the survival of all organisms. We can survive for a few days without food but water is essential to live. So keeping a track of your water consumption is a must for a healthy lifestyle!
"Please don't leave negative remarks/complaints on this page. We do appreciate suggestions to make the application work better and would love to sort out the issues and your complaints.
Our developers work hard to give you the best experience with our apps.
If you are not satisfied with our application, mail your reviews, complaints, and suggestions to- support@migital.com "
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Android 2.0 以上

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