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Kitchen Copilot Free

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Need a hand in the kitchen? Kitchen Copilot is the ultimate cooking utility! The goal of Kitchen Copilot is to be an all-inclusive assistant for all your culinary needs. Whether by converting units of volume and weight, running a timer, or just checking your favorite recipes, we hope this app fulfills all your cooking needs!

Ingredient Converter- for converting various volumes or weights.
Kitchen Timer- Keep your cooking straight with this handy countdown timer!
Mini Web Browser- browse a few of your favorite recipe websites with convenient links located within the app!
*NEW* Guidebook- Now with dozens of free entries on common substitutions and how to pick the best fruits and vegetables!

If you leave the app with a timer running, it will still go off for 15 seconds before shutting off automatically.

A small bug has been noted that makes the app crash if you type only a period in the conversion. It'll be fixed in the next update- in the meantime, to use a value less than 1, simply type a zero first.

If you run across any bugs or problems, have any suggestions you'd like to see implemented, or just want to say hello, feel free to e-mail with any questions or comments!

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As of version 3.0, all functionality of the Gold version has been put into the free version- with ads being added to keep it free. Plus a few minor bugs have been fixed. Enjoy!

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Android 1.6.0 以上
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